5 Things Every Successful Small Business Needs

Being an entrepreneur is a dream many people aspire to and a worthwhile financial goal as well. However, many first-time business owners (and even experienced pros) can sabotage their best efforts with common mistakes. Many people start a business thinking that they can turn on the computers or open the doors and start generating revenue, only to find it’s much more complicated than that. 

You can avoid some of those initial pitfalls by taking your time and planning the necessary steps you need for success. Whatever business you want to start, the following five tips can help drive your success. 

Strong Business Plan 

Not creating a business plan is probably one of the most common mistakes. It’s also troubling because business plans can help you identify issues with your idea and help market to potential investors or other sources of funding. It’s vital that you develop your plan to steer future work and hold yourself accountable. Still, it’s also important not to go too in-depth during the early stages of developing your concept. 

Before starting a new venture, draft a simple business plan that identifies your proposed product or service, the costs involved, your funding needs, potential customers, competitors, and market opportunity. Also, include the realistic challenges your business might face. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has step-by-step simple business plan creation guides. 

Understand Your Target Customers and Market Interest 

It’s possible to create a great business concept and deploy it in the wrong area. That’s why it’s essential to understand the area you want to start your small business and your ideal customers. An idea that could succeed in a large, densely populated area may not get the foot traffic or customers in an area with fewer residents. 

Testing out the market for your products or services, analyzing potential local competitors, and assessing how your business might perform can all give you an idea of how your business could work. 

You can also look to competitors and similar businesses for guidance and ideas, but this would be more indirect. Visit their stores, look at their websites and marketing materials, and use other methods to gather intelligence to help you fill in pieces of the puzzle. 

Develop Your Marketing Strategy 

Marketing is how you get the word out about your business. Although it may not initially seem like it, a thorough marketing strategy is the backbone of any business and could mean the success or failure of your company. To create a strong marketing plan, you need to consider: your direct and indirect competitors, forms of marketing such as traditional (printed media and commercials) to free contemporary methods (social media), and how you will reach your customer base.  

Once you’ve addressed the last tip and now understand your target audience and market, you can quickly develop the right marketing strategy. You’ll know what blogs your audience reads, where they hang out in real life, and how they use social media. This lets you market to them based on their habits and lifestyle.  

Cash Flow Management 

Problems with cash flow are the most commonly stated reason for businesses closing their doors. Without cash, you can’t purchase items to stock, put your marketing plan into practice, pay employees, or invest in equipment. No matter what sort of business you own, manage money wisely, keeping a close eye on expenditure and income.  

Look into accessing business capital if you need an extra boost when starting your business, but using personal credit for your business is also an option. 

Embrace Technology 

Technology is part of our everyday life, personal and professional, so your business needs to be both technology-ready and friendly and secure as well. Developing a cybersecurity plan at the start of your new business venture will make it easier for you to keep track of it and scale as your business grows, ensuring you and your valuable information are protected every step of the way.  

Additionally, solutions like Markaaz, a comprehensive platform to help small businesses interact with pre-verified suppliers, vendors, and potential partners, help companies mitigate risk and reduce their exposure. We’re also working on new features that will increase access to financing and reduce the friction in payments and an all-in-one dashboard to help organize your processes. This will all be integrated into our pre-verified directory for small businesses, which allows you to find new suppliers and business partners and monitor them over time. Take advantage of the tools available to small businesses and arm yourself with the latest digital tools to streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity. 

The Bottom Line 

Entrepreneurship can be a fantastic adventure, but like any adventure, it can also be very challenging. By preparing for those challenges and willingness to try new things, you will see your business flourish in no time.  

At Markaaz, our goal is to simplify your business processes so you can get back to business. Join Markaaz today to gain access to our transformative features. 

Casey Pontrelli, Content Manager     


About the author: Casey Pontrelli is a multi-talented professional with a background in content creation, branding, and social media marketing. Whether writing for a newspaper, eCommerce website, B2B startup, or a marketing agency, she has taken her strong background in journalism and turned her focus to SEO and content marketing. She’s written about everything from boutiques to cars to online lending, but she’s especially passionate about supporting small businesses and giving them equal access to opportunity, which is why she’s a proud member of the Markaaz family. When she’s not writing up a storm or creating eye-catching social media graphics, Casey enjoys hanging out with her two cats, Eddy and Larry, going on long bike rides, and, predictably, reading.  

Follow Casey on LinkedIn here.

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