Your small business credit and risk scores put you in control

Get free small business credit and risk scores when you sign up for the Markaaz Dashboard and activate your business profile

Our business score partner Equifax provides you with a free Business Credit Risk Class and Business Credit Risk Score once you have successfully found your business record on the Markaaz Dashboard. 

If you require deeper insight into your small business credit score, you can become a Premium subscriber and have always-on access to monitor your business credit score.

How your small business credit and risk scores help you

Business credit and risk scores are essential in proving that you are the right company to do business with. They help you:

Get better business financing rates

Pitch for bigger contracts

Access better business insurance

Rent the right business premises

Find great business credit card options

Our small business credit and risk scores
with Equifax

There are three different business scores available on the Markaaz Dashboard:

Built off a multi-faceted consumer viewpoint of credit, Equifax Risk Score is designed to help predict the likelihood of your business becoming 90+ days delinquent within 24 months.

It provides a rank-ordered risk perspective to support informed credit decisions for your business. It also lets your partners know your risk exposure. The Equifax BCRS for Assorted Verticals returns a score to measure the risk of a business becoming severely delinquent to a credit grantor within a 12-month period.

Businesses are assigned a value ranging from 224 to 580, with high values indicating lower chances of severe delinquency.

The Equifax Business Credit Risk Class (BCRC) for Assorted Verticals is a high-level representation of the Equifax Business Credit Risk Scoring System for Assorted Verticals. Businesses are grouped into 5 risk classes ranging from 1 to 5 based on the score.

Equifax Business Credit Score, normally bundled as part of the Equifax Business Credit Report, predicts the likelihood of a business’s financial trades becoming severely delinquent, 91 or more days past due or worse including charge-offs, within the 12 months following account origination to any financial credit grantor.

Your small business credit score will certainly drive the revolving credit you could have as a business owner. With Equifax’s scores, we have access to different databases and proprietary data sources, and we outscore the competition by anywhere from eight to 16%.

So getting access to Equifax scores in the Markaaz Dashboard gives small businesses important insight ahead of critical credit applications.

David Adams

Head of Product Marketing, Commercial, Equifax Inc.