Celebrating National Small Business Week 2021

Markaaz believes that if all SMBs come together, they can belong to and access a bigger world of opportunity. Join us
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This week we are celebrating National Small Business Week 2021!

Markaaz believes that if all SMBs come together, they can belong to and access a bigger world of opportunity. Doing so will enable them – and society as a whole – to positively thrive and grow in ways we’ve always dreamed of. Markaaz is the one solution that can fulfill this dream.  

Markaaz takes SMBs on a journey… 

  • From:  A disparate, unsupported group that sometimes feels like they have a minority stake, with limited options and left to themselves. 
  • To:  An empowered community – a world where SMBs feel that they belong, have a voice and have equal access to the right resources to grow.   

National Small Business Week is important to the Markaaz Team because we are a purpose-driven brand and business: 

  • Mission:  We empower SMBs by delivering innovative solutions that drive Customer Growth, Supplier Management, and Cashflow Improvement, among many other things. 
  • Vision:  To become the single source of truth and the trusted leader, employer, and partner in the fast-growing global SMB community, focusing on the long-term success of small businesses and their owners. 
  • Purpose:  We’re here to give SMBs a voice. We’re here to connect every SMB on the planet to the formal economy, to each other, and to the best providers of SMB-friendly services. 

Markaaz will have achieved its vision when SMBs have the same…POWER, ACCESS, INTELLIGENCE, RESOURCES, SUPPORT, CONFIDENCE, NETWORK, SUCCESS…as big business. 

Our team understands that SMBs are overwhelmed and under more pressure than ever before: surrounded by massive global forces, challenged by unforeseen issues in the wake of Covid-19, lack the power and resources of big business that has closed many doors, and are unable to look around the corner to understand what may happen next, and managing a plethora of point-to-point business solutions (on average SMBs are subscribed to 20+ different solutions, consuming time, and money). SMBs are also spending, on average, 17 days per year verifying themselves and their owners for everything they need to do. (That alone costs SMBs worldwide $1.7 Trillion each year).

For more than 50 years, the nation has celebrated grand openings, innovations, outstanding service, unrivaled passion, and creative developments of small businesses. Small-to-medium sized businesses account for half of the US workforce and are the leading source of new job growth. 

This year, National Small Business Week is even more special due to the challenges, suffering, and closing of doors brought on by Covid-19. We applaud every small business owner for the determination, adaptability, and tenacity to continue serving your customers, keeping your staff employed, and continuing to make available to the rest of us all the things we need and have grown to love. Did you know that over 5.7 million new business applications were filed in the US alone during 2020? This incredible surge came about partially as a way for people to recover lost income after being laid off, while others have done so to meet a rise and rapid change in consumer demand and habits. 

As 2021 continues, more businesses are opening their doors with cautious optimism for the future. We encourage everyone to shop small and support those who are still fighting as well as those just starting out on this amazing journey. 

Fabi Hubschmid, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder , Markaaz   

About the author:  Fabi Hubschmid is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Markaaz, the world’s first global platform to verify and connect every small business on the planet and the network of partners that support them. Hubschmid is a serial entrepreneur with global experience in the platform, construction, and smart cities industry with a track record of leading global and complex transformations across private and public sectors. Prior to co-founding Markaaz, Hubschmid was Strategic Development Officer for AXA Global Enterprise & Partnerships, Founder & CEO of the Enix Advisory, Smart Cities Instructor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a member of PwC’s Global Smart Cities Team. Under the leadership of Hubschmid, the Markaaz team is developing a cybersecurity toolkit to further help SMBs understand their risks and protect their business.  Hubschmid is focused on creating positive and sustainable impact for small business owners. 

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