Onboard, monitor, engage: Let’s serve small business better

Bridging the gap between the enterprise and small business, Markaaz is your connection to global small business prospects (and their correct data!)

Our platform allows you to slash your onboarding time, providing your business with verified small business accounts with all the correct, accurate data you need to make decisions. Markaaz allows you to prospect businesses that are actually interested in your products and empowers small business members to keep their data correct and up to date. Together we will remove the barriers to small business support.


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Streamline the onboarding process by integrating with Markaaz for lightning-fast customer verification (‘checks’), business onboarding, and quicker approvals for new accounts, saving you time and money.

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Markaaz has created a one-of-a-kind database of over 100 million small businesses by aggregating public and premium data sources to give you the best in data access. 

Our business Monitoring services allow our enterprise users to see the monthly change in specific data attributes in each data record and deliver reports on what attributes have changed.  

Markaaz Business Monitoring includes Business Solvency Monitoring and Compliance/AML Monitoring alerts.  

Business Solvency Monitoring delivers: over 20 data points, including company name, risk scores, credit scores, and more.

Compliance/AML Monitoring delivers: the monitoring of global compliance, sanction lists, and adverse media. 


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Learn from your customers and find new avenues to explore with our database of over 100 million global small businesses, from sole proprietorships to bigger small businesses. 

Using a variety of data values, our enterprise partners can use our comprehensive Directory to find all types of businesses and engage those small business owners and broader business sectors they want to talk to.  

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