Get a single source of small business information truth

Serve small businesses better with a small business-focused data Directory designed for frictionless customer onboarding and business activity monitoring

Over 35% of customers do not finish the onboarding process because it is too long and cumbersome.¹

Stop customer abandonment in its tracks!

Only about 20% of small businesses survive their first year. Your monitoring solution needs to tell you who is failing and who is surviving before it happens so you can do better.²

Know your small business customers!

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2. Source: Chamber of Commerce

The Markaaz Directory is a unique dataset combining firmographic, business health, and reputational data for a truly holistic view of each company you want to verify, monitor, or onboard.

This premium, proprietary business information Directory of over 300 million global business records, 98% of which are small businesses, powers our set of easy-to-use APIs, no-code services, and custom combination services. These custom services can include tailored onboarding journeys for direct private document exchange and additional small business growth and engagement resources within the Markaaz Dashboard.

With these solutions, we quickly and easily help you deliver frictionless customer onboarding and business activity monitoring for more small business customers at competitive rates.

Onboarding and monitoring are now your source of growth.

We fix your onboarding and monitoring pain points

Your small business data access is currently:

Markaaz solutions:
Built with your business in mind

Our solutions have all been built with your needs in mind. From our easy-to-use plug-and-play Business Activity Monitoring Service to our custom solutions, we have the answer to your onboarding and monitoring challenges.

Plug-and-play monitoring

Our flexible, customizable Business Activity Monitoring Service, managed on our Enterprise Portal, is a quick start, no-code service that analyzes your customer data portfolio file based on your alert criteria, which can include reputation flagging, business health, and firmographic data changes. 

API onboarding solutions to drive decisioning and verification excellence

Markaaz provides API solutions that allow you to get direct, real-time access to our world-class Directory of over 300 million business records, with 98% small businesses, to enable small business verification and decisioning results within milliseconds for onboarding and monitoring new and prospective customers.

Onboarding, monitoring, and direct small business engagement explicitly built for your business needs

Markaaz is more than just a data provider. We can provide a single environment featuring a combination of our services, including small business engagement on the Markaaz Dashboard. These custom onboarding journeys provide a documentation acquisition workflow directly from our Dashboard, as well as enable your small business customers to directly update their own data on the Dashboard to accurately inform your monitoring and onboarding. This provides a path for integrated monitoring and onboarding services for enterprises seeking a complete solution.

With our solutions, you have 24/7/365 consented insight into your customers.

Your excellence starts with our data

Markaaz takes the best firmographic, business health, and compliance data globally, then we match, scrub, and de-duplicate it. This means that we have the most accurate, up-to-date, and high-quality data available in the industry.

Your business no longer has to connect with multiple different, expensive data sources because Markaaz is the one source of data truth.

David Clarke

Chief Data Officer, Markaaz

How can your enterprise use our solutions?

Our enterprise-grade Directory can service every industry and enterprise that needs quicker, better, and more cost-effective onboarding and monitoring.  

Some industries we are currently working with include:

Financial institutions

Banks, Payment Providers, Fintech

Financial institutions, including Fintechs, credit card providers, and banks, cannot verify an average of 35% of their small business credit card applications due to missing data. By using Markaaz’s Business Verification API, these verticals can verify far more small business clients and boost their onboarding rates.


Retailers, eCommerce

Onboarding new suppliers, especially small businesses, can be risky if you cannot verify their reputational data and business health. Get a time-sensitive updates on important partners, suppliers, and customers with Markaaz’s self-service no-code Business Activity Monitoring Solution, managed in the Enterprise Portal, which features daily regulatory updates and monthly reports of firmographic, and business health information changes.


SMB, Life and Health

Knowing your customer and being able to see if their business is in good standing is essential. With Markaaz’s custom offerings, you can combine the APIs and services you need to get an end-to-end view of each small business customer so that you can create dynamic insurance products. With the addition of our small business Dashboard tools, you can manage private document exchange and offer small business owners and employees additional business growth resources.

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