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Center for Inclusive Business

Connecting small businesses globally to the formal economy through research and education. 

The Markaaz Foundation

The Markaaz Foundation wants to change the world by helping small businesses reach their full potential through research and education built on 3 pillars:  Inclusion, Digital Transformation, and Access to Equal Opportunities.

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We empower small business by delivering innovative research, education, and access to resources to impact and advance socio-economic and environmental factors around the globe.


To create a cashless society fostering lower crime and fraud resulting in more inclusive and fair business practices around the globe, creating equal opportunities for every small business.


We’re here to give small business a voice in the global economy through partnerships with minority groups, governments, the private and public sector, academia, employees, and community leaders.

Research & Education

3 Pillars of The Markaaz Foundation:

  • Inclusion
  • Digital Transformation
  • Access to Equal Opportunities
  • The Markaaz Foundation’s research and education enables small business to better manage the golden triangle of Customer Growth, Supplier Management and Cash Flow Improvement. 
  • Collectively, we advance the global dialogue on behalf of small businesses. We give a voice to businesses in emerging and low-income areas that have been unheard and underserved. 

Research, Education, and Resources


Digital Transformation

Access to Equal Opportunities

Customer Growth, Supplier Management, Cash Flow Improvement

Markaaz Cares

Purpose, impact, and care are core to the culture at Markaaz.  

We are committed to harnessing our culture to improve the state of the world. Markaaz continually demonstrates our strong commitment to do good in society and the economy through the Markaaz Foundation, working with partner organizations around the globe, and inspiring our employees to do good. 


The Foundation gives small businesses a voice and listens to their needs. 


The Foundation delivers a variety of educational programs to the underserved. 


The Foundation gifts resources and tools to educated small businesses in need. 



Every employee commits 5 days per year to the Foundation, either in the office or field. 


Employees can opt to sponsor education for women and youth. Markaaz will match their contribution. 


Impact Measurement

Purpose, impact, and care are core to the culture at Markaaz.

The Foundation works with selected partners and organizations to measure its impact across the Partnership programs (Research, Education and Resources) as well as Employee programs (Time and Sponsorship). 

The Foundation defines impact as the progress of a community’s social and economic development, its access to education and resources, and its ability to digest them and use them appropriately to advance their needs.  

circular flow: 1. Assessment, 2. Delivery, 3. Measurement

Alignment with Global Goals

The Foundation follows the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals. 

The UN Agenda 2030 was adopted in 2015 by all Member States of the UN and International Organizations as 17 holistic goals that would allow the global community to work towards a more inclusive and prosperous society and economy.  

Partnerships for the Goals

Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Reduced Inequalities; Responsible Consumption and Production

No Poverty; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions; Affordable and Clean Energy; Good Health and Well-Being; Quality Education; Gender Equality; Zero Hunger

Life on Land; Life Below Water; Clean Water and Sanitation; Climate Action

“Research and education are the foundation that I know will lead to a more just and equitable marketplace for small business. The Markaaz Foundation is critical to ensuring that small business owners from under-served communities not only grow but thrive in the global economy.”

Hany Fam, CEO & Founder, Markaaz

The Markaaz Foundation Partners


World Economic Forum Logo
The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other stakeholders. The Foundation contributes with research to helping the digital transformation of SMBs (one of the WEF’s workstreams).
Austin Network of Development Entrepreneurs

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) by the Aspen Institute is a membership network of leading companies that invest resources and time into helping small and growing businesses succeed. The Markaaz Foundation contributes with research and engagement initiatives to the ANDE.

United States of America

Equifax Logo
Equifax is a global data, analytics and technology company that is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies. We are working with Equifax on various research projects on the SMB market.
Austin Chamber

The Austin Chamber of Commerce helps people in the region achieve greater prosperity. The Chamber has helped bring more than 400000 jobs to the region since 2004. Markaaz is working with the Chamber to bring development, opportunities, and prosperity to Austin Texas

Latin America

Fundes Logo
Fundes is the largest network in Latin America specializing in the development of micro, small and medium businesses, integrating them successfully and sustainably in the value chains of large companies. We are working with Fundes to support LatinX Small Business Owners in the US, and then more broadly.
Techo logo
TECHO is a non for profit that supports communities in need across Latin America. We are working with TECHO to understand the needs of the mom and pop shops in these communities, specially amid the pandemic.

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