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100+ million businesses in our pre-verified community

From the plumber to the local accounting firm to an international sales company, you can find all kinds of businesses on Markaaz. Make sure to monitor your existing and potential business partners so you can be the first to know if something changes.

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What is Markaaz?

Markaaz is an easy-to-use network that can be accessed from your desktop and mobile to find, monitor, and soon pay partners.

You can search through 100+ million business listings, all in one place. Through those listings, you can see your partner’s and customer’s business profile and monitor their business information, including number of employees, years in business, key contacts and business credit risk score and business credit risk class. Soon you will receive real-time alerts, so you know exactly when their status changes.

How does Markaaz work?

Claim your business and get verified by Markaaz™. Once verified, you can request to update your business’s information to make sure that you are seen in the best possible light. 

1. Claim your business

Search your business in the network, go through our fast and easy claim process, and get verified by Markaaz™. This will allow you to make and request changes to your profile!

2. Find Partners

Use the simple search function and find businesses by industry, location, or soon keyword. Click on a business’s profile to learn about their key data points. 

3. Monitor Updates

Found an existing business partner on Markaaz? Great, click ‘monitor’ and make sure that you stay in touch with any business updates. Same goes for new suppliers and customers.

What's next?

1. Best way to Pay

Soon we will introduce the best way to pay and get paid through Markaaz. For our community, we are working on lowering the rates and introducing new features that simplify life and ease cash flow.

2. Dynamic Insights into your business

We are building a dynamic all-in-one dashboard where you can find all the information and insights you need to run your business in one convenient place. You will continue to be able to find, monitor, and pay businesses through the dashboard.

3. Access to new opportunities

We are also partnering with financial institutions to help reduce the time and cost it takes to access capital and funding. Soon, we’re introducing some new features that will simplify life the next time you have to apply for a loan or line of credit. Stay tuned!

Laptop screen of Markaaz future dashboard