Streamline the onboarding process

Are you tired of using up to seven different sources of information for new customer onboarding and verification? Markaaz has developed a better way based on our extensive experience in this field.

Integrate with us for near real-time onboarding and faster approvals for new accounts, saving you time and money. 

Through Markaaz, you can connect and engage with the community better, and onboard new customers faster (without compromising your onboarding standards). Not only will you benefit from faster approvals, but also significantly lower operating costs and reduced churn.

How it works

Did you know?

We keep you connected with the customers that you introduced to Markaaz so you can learn from them and provide them with better and more meaningful services. Whenever the small business that you brought onto Markaaz needs a service that you can provide, you’ll be the first to know.