Simplify your cashflow

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We get it – we’re running a business ourselves, so we know how burdensome it can be to make payments and get paid.

Payments made easy

Markaaz payments graphic

Soon, on Markaaz, every business that joins will receive a prepaid card where you can connect all your sources of funding, no matter what they are. Over time, you will have a complete picture of all your financials and most importantly, you can transact independently from your partner’s preferences and focus on what is working best for you and your business.

Markaaz payments graphic
virtual credit card

Once you have your
prepaid card

virtual credit card

You can use your prepaid card anywhere it is accepted – load it to your phone’s digital wallet or even request a physical card. If the business you need to pay isn’t already a Markaaz member, invite them to “Meet Me On Markaaz” to claim their business and receive their virtual Prepaid card account. We want to ensure that Markaaz payment solutions are available online, in-store, or anywhere you need them.

Best of all, qualified transactions will earn credit toward your subscription.

Did you know?

85% of small business owners would like all their apps connected to a single Dashboard
Small businesses are shifting the way they spend in the face of the pandemic, increasing use of digitally enabled payments
  • Digital payments gain the most traction
  • 60% increase in credit and debit card use online
  • 44% increase in new credit usage since the pandemic
  • 66% increase in digital wallet use
76% of small business owners suggest the pandemic prompted them to make their business more digital
70% of small businesses are willing to invest in technology required to advance their payment solutions