The Markaaz Community Development Initiative

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by sponsoring a small business’s membership on Markaaz. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.  

We’re inviting you to join our Community Development Initiative (CDI), which is a pledge that we make to provide 100,000 businesses with access to Markaaz for a year for free. Making resources like the all-in-one Dashboard and pre-verified Directory available to every small business is what drives equity and equal opportunity.  

We know that businesses who have the right tools, resources, and knowledge available to them are three times as likely to succeed.  And we also know that when we equip minority business owners with such resources that the gratitude and impact is long-lasting. We are business owners ourselves. We know that sometimes all it takes is for someone to believe in you, for someone to see you. By sponsoring a business, you show them that they matter, that you care.  

Have a Positive Impact

By supporting small businesses through Markaaz, you will have a long-lasting impact in the small business community. You will help business owners and their families to continue serving the communities they live in. You will support the backbone of this nation. 

Markaaz is an all-in-one Dashboard providing small businesses with all the resources they need to succeed. We have been thoroughly vetted by Fortune 500 companies, such as Mastercard and Equifax, who all trust us with their brand and impact.  

Set yourself apart by engaging the community and show them that you care.

Founding Champion

  • Sponsor 50,000 businesses
  • Be named as main sponsor in a Markaaz issued press release
  • Have your logo added to the CDI webpage
  • Get a report on their business performance after 6 + 12 months

Women & Minority-Owned Business Champion

  • Sponsor 20,000 women & minority-owned businesses
  • Have your logo added to the CDI webpage
  • Lead a workshop for these women & minority owned businesses

Community Partner

  • Sponsor 10,000 businesses
  • Have your logo added to the CDI webpage

Community Sponsor

  • Sponsor 1,000 businesses
  • Feature the Markaaz logo on your website to show off your sponsorship