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connecting with the right suppliers

One of the biggest challenges brought by COVID-19 is that we’re increasingly interacting online with new suppliers and vendors, and we don’t know if they are real, if they are going to deliver or not. Markaaz helps us keep our business safe and improve our cash flow by making sure we only do business with verified suppliers on Markaaz.

David Carpentier, Co-Founder and CEO, Assurely

finding more agile, smaller partners

Due to the difficulty that I’ve had working with large partners, I found Markaaz coming in and being very useful in helping me find smaller, more agile partners to help me with distribution. The problem with smaller partners is that I never know who to trust, because there is limited information/reviews about them online. Markaaz has helped me confidently find, and vet these suppliers.

Andy Arons, Plantabulous, NYC

helping verifying businesses for loans

What I would love is a simple and efficient process of determining eligibility for loans, and step-by-step procedures for completing the application process – a tool for achieving success. As an example, there was so much fraud with the Unemployment Insurance system, that the State had to shut down millions of accounts to reverify. I was one of the accounts that were shut down for re-verification, and it took me weeks to finally get through for assistance. If I had been verified by Markaaz, this issue would have never occurred. For this reason, I envision Markaaz being of tremendous help for many different use cases alike!

Katharina Hauschka, KateHaus Photography, LA

find verified suppliers, monitor them and improve cash flow

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