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Are you struggling to get the best enterprise services? Let us help you grow your small business

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We allow you to manage, update, and correct your small business data. So what? Without correct data, no one will take your business seriously.

Markaaz allows you, the small business owner, to correct and update your business data to find and work with partners and suppliers who trust you are who you say you are. You will be onboarded faster, can source curated financing options, and much more. Let us make finding your small business financing easy and help you connect to the big businesses you want to work with and that suit your type of business.

Markaaz is building data bridges that link you to a bigger world of partners and growth. We really do connect you from A-Z.

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Let us help your data to:

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  • Find curated financing options
  • Improve your business credit score
  • Grow your business with enterprise partners
  • Get your business confirmed (and get onboarded faster!)
  • Pay and get paid (coming soon)

It’s time to soar to success with Markaaz.

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Enterprise partners: It’s time someone gave you the right data

We check small business data, so you don’t have to

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Markaaz gives you unique, updated, and correct small business data. Stop throwing away money and wasting time with companies that give you out-of-date data. Markaaz aggregates public and premium data sources to create a database of over 100 million small business records.

Start finding the customers you want with the correct data you need and make your team’s jobs a snap. (Maybe you can move Dan from data correction out of the basement 😜)

We are here to make your business networking and onboarding easy. Prospect with confidence with the Markaaz Dashboard.

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Everything you require is on our Dashboard

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  • Checked small business partners
  • Up-to-date small business data
  • A comprehensive business Directory
  • Unique data insights
  • The ability to prospect with confidence

Let us help you create better small business onboarding experiences.

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Small businesses are powerful

They create new jobs, improve local economies, and drive global economic growth. They are critical to the success of our national and international communities.

But small businesses are not always resilient. Our present and future challenges strain their long-term viability and sustainability, threatening their prosperity and ours.

By creating a global center (“Markaz”) that connects small and big businesses, we can remove traditional barriers and provide the insights, resources, and efficiency small businesses need to grow.

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