We set a new standard for small business data

Markaaz can verify more businesses than your existing data provider.

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We get results

Increase your KYB approval rates, lower your fraud costs, and capture more revenue

Enrich your business verification process
with the most accurate business data available

Flexible data delivery options for ease, speed, and scale

Get data and analytic reports delivered directly into your systems.
  • Our APIs are easy to set up and give you real-time, integrated, and automated data delivery.
  • Robust developer guides in our Developer Portal make setup effortless.
Customer platform
Access all your data from our Enterprise Portal.
  • Verify individual businesses​ with our Business Lookup feature – great for customers with low-volume verification needs.
  • Download verification and monitoring reports.
Test our match rates

Put our verification
results to the test

Connect with our team to explore a data study of your customer lists.

Certificates and standards

Markaaz is committed to data security, compliance, and ESG

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