Unlock a world of opportunities. Get your business verified.

With the world’s first Directory for small businesses, we want to take one thing off your plate. Day in and day out, you connect with other businesses – every interaction links back to verification. The act and ability to prove who you are and that you are legitimate. In short, getting your business verified has a positive effect on your business and cashflow.

Easily network with other businesses

Having your business verified unlocks a new world of opportunities to you, and it’s free! As a verified business, you can easily network with other businesses more efficiently and securely. Unlike other search engines, with Markaaz you can not only categorize your business for search optimization but also get better results. Verifying your business has multiple upsides, and no downside. What are you waiting for?

Markaaz network diagram
screenshot of directory search

Search for your business in the Directory

The Directory is the world’s first global directory of small businesses. That means that your business is already pre-populated in this database. By searching for your business in the database, you will not only see what others see about your business, but you will be able to complete a few questions and checks to verify that you are who you say you are and that the business you are claiming is indeed yours. This process is important, as it helps us make sure that all businesses are claimed by right people.
screenshot of directory search