Everything you need to run your small business with one connection? You’d be surprised!

Running your business can be overwhelming, with so many challenges. How can you boost creativity (and results) in your sales and marketing? How can you provide better, faster customer service? How can you simplify your day? Good news: With Markaaz, you get an all-in-one digital platform with ALL the business tools you need. Now you can easily manage and grow your business, while saving time and money!

Here’s a bright idea:

If you’re like most SMBs, you have dozens of business tools and software solutions. Now, with Markaaz, you’ll have ONE affordable solution with integrated tools – supported by the best names in business software. Discover amazing discounts on toolkits and a more efficient and productive way to run your business.
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Here’s how it works…

With Markaaz, you and your team will access an easy-to-use dashboard with ALL the SMB tools needed to manage and grow your business. Our affordable SMB toolkits integrate related business tools (the most trusted solutions available) to significantly enhance your digital marketing, sales process, supply chain validation, accounting, and more. Every day, you and your team will work hand-in-hand with Markaaz to make your business more efficient, innovative, and successful.

Easily network with other Businesses

We know how challenging it is to network with other business owners. Now you can connect with other SMBs using Markaaz – the first-ever global community for small business! Using the Markaaz directory and Marla (our digital concierge), you can connect with other SMBs, identify new customers, and find vendors with reviews from other SMBs.

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Customer Relationship Management tools are an essential part of any business.
Did you know:

* Properly Implemented CRM Systems Commonly Yield a 245% ROI
* 74% of businesses using CRM report better customer relationships.
* CRMs significantly improve customer retention.

Find out if your business has what it needs to manage customer relationships.
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