The new standard in small business data

What we do

Markaaz provides small businesses with a better way to run their business and improve their financial health in a single Dashboard environment–by giving full visibility and control of their business information.

With poor business data quality causing losses across the business landscape, Markaaz has a mission to improve that available data and in doing so, improve access to enterprise services and reduce business losses for our small business community.

– Hany Fam, Founder & CEO, Markaaz 

In our experience, over 80% of small business data in the public sphere is incorrect or outdated. IBM estimates bad data costs the US more than $3 trillion per year. We give you a single place to update your business information and enable you to use it to connect with the partners and suppliers you want.

With our world-class enterprise partners, we help you unlock better financing rates, business credit scores, cashflow insights, secure document storage, and other essential day-to-day business applications–just with your corrected business information.

You can also connect your everyday business applications and store your business information for better insights, convenience, and services. Now you have a full view of your business–all in one place!

We reveal what enterprises and potential customers see about you - and you can fix it!

Your public business information is aggregated on the Markaaz Dashboard and includes everything from your business address and ownership information to your business location and credit score. This aggregation means you can see and correct your data on the Markaaz Dashboard and maintain it to access a growing list of discounts and preferential partnerships.

Be a part of a community focused on advancing small business financial health

Together with small business-focused partners, we unlock access to the resources that can propel small businesses to financial success. By connecting small businesses directly with the partners who can help launch their growth, we create a network that supports your growth journey, from start-up to scale-up.

Our team

Passionate leaders, innovators, and doers with backgrounds in nimble start-ups and large Fortune 500 corporations make up our team.

We have over 700 years of combined experience working either in a small business or building small business solutions across the technology, payments, banking, cybersecurity, and data industries. Our founders previously built Mastercard Track, which connects 286 million buyers and sellers, and OpenLending, an automated lending platform now publicly traded. In 2020, Markaaz was named a Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum.

Our team shares the vision of creating a positive impact in the communities we serve by removing the barriers that traditionally face small businesses. We bring our skills and our passion to building technology-driven solutions and collaborative partnerships that will support the long-term financial health and success of owners and entrepreneurs.