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Our flexible pricing model is based on the specific data services you need.

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Tailored pricing

Pricing is based on the number of business records and the type of data and service.

For enterprises with large customer portfolios, our pricing helps you leverage economies of scale for a cost-efficient way to manage your verification and monitoring.

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United States / Europe / Japan / Latin America / Asia Pacific

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Custom solutions for your unique needs

Looking for customized solutions? We can tailor our services, bundles, and pricing for your unique needs.

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Better data unlocks better business opportunities

Gaps in your data coverage are costing you millions in lost potential revenue and fraud.

When you need to make a customer decision, not being able to find and verify a business’s legitimacy is a costly lost opportunity.

Investing in Markaaz’s better business data can help mitigate your risk and scale your bottom-line growth.

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