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Calculate the additional lifetime revenue you could generate by verifying more businesses your current KYB provider can’t identify.

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The calculator uses a 30% increase for a conservative revenue estimate. On average, Markaaz delivers 30% better match rate for most customers.

The results shown in the calculator are for hypothetical purposes only and are potential estimates. Verification rates are calculated using the records that cannot be verified against the total verification records. Manual verification cost savings are estimated at $2,000 for each manual verification. Cost assumptions will vary by geography and type of data.

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We’ll show you how many more businesses you could verify each year and your potential revenue increase by adding Markaaz to your KYB process. 

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We verify more businesses than any other provider
The high cost of approving the wrong customers

Companies can face millions in fraud loss and compliance fines for onboarding fraudulent businesses. Ensure your AML Compliance program is keeping your company safe with better KYB fraud detection and sanctions screening.

50% surge in global AML fines in 2022
$5bn fined in 2022 for AML and sanctions breaches

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Markaaz verifies 30% more businesses than leading providers. See what you’re missing with our free match rate test.