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Hiring foreign talent for your US company can be a challenge. We talk to Jeet Gauswami, Marketing Specialist at immigration experts Legalpad for tips
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We talk to Jeet Gauswami, Marketing Specialist at US immigration experts Legalpad, on why hiring foreign talent is beneficial to your small business

Small businesses need agile employees that can wear many hats and thrive in a fast-paced growth environment, and that ideal employee may live outside your country’s borders. With the advent of COVID-19 and the rise of remote work, hiring is no longer restricted to your town, state or country. 

“A Harvard Business School study found that a growth mindset closely equates to an immigrant mindset. Immigrants throw themselves into a new environment, landscape, language, and culture. To survive and thrive, they must work hard, strategize, and build a life for themselves. This is precisely what start-ups and small businesses look for in an employee,” noted Jeet Gauswami, Marketing Specialist at Legalpad.

Immigrant workers can also bring a more global mindset to your company. With new ways of getting things done, contacts and partners in international locations that can help advance your business, and cultural diversity that gives your business a unique point of view, hiring foreign talent is a strong growth driver. 

“If your company is a start-up looking to enter a global market, having foreign-born employees, especially from the region you’d like to join, is huge for business,” said Gauswami.

Legalpad has assisted start-ups and company founders in obtaining work visas for talent entering the US. Now, these founders are growing and expanding their teams, and Legalpad is processing more employee work visas for additional foreign talent. 

Many companies also opt to hire a remote worker in their home country if they cannot sponsor their employment. Legalpad’s parent company Deel has helped many employers with that. Once the foreign worker has built his credibility for the company, and when the company has the resources to sponsor a US visa, it can quickly transfer its contract employees to the US on a work visa.

Here at Markaaz, we have employees and contractors spread across the globe, from Serbia to France and beyond.

How to bring your company to the USA

The US is the land of opportunity for global small businesses. Many entrepreneurs develop their companies, products, and services in their home country, but when it comes to growth, they want to launch in the US market to get global traction. 

“Entrepreneurs also move to the US to access funding. US investors put more than $270 billion into start-up funding last year, the most from any country in the world. According to this report, the US is also the best country for start-ups by a long margin,” explained Gauswami.

How do you bring foreign talent and companies to the US?

Legalpad can help small businesses and founders to obtain US work visas and green cards for themselves or their employees. 

“We can help them relocate and expand their team in the US by assisting them in hiring employees on US work visas. We also provide free consultations to help you understand your visa options. We have a more than 93% approval rate for work visas because we only take on cases we feel confident about. If you want to move to the US, I recommend you book a call with my colleague by signing up on this page. Once we chat with you, we can guide you in the right direction and create a path to the US for you,” said Gauswami.

Legalpad has helped hundreds of business founders and foreign talent come to the US since 2018. As they grow their companies, Legalpad also helps them hire foreign workers and expand their US teams. 

“In 2021, A Nigerian start-up began setting up their US entity and planned to send their founder to meet with US banks and investors in person. But there was a problem—the wait time for US visitor visas for Nigerians was over two years. Eagerly searching for another solution to visit the US, the founder heard about Legalpad from a friend in the Nigerian tech ecosystem. After connecting with Legalpad’s team, the founder learned she was qualified for the O-1 visa and started the application immediately. After O-1 approval, she could finally close on partnerships that had been in the works for years. She is also excited to have access to a larger pool of investors in the US. As they are growing their team, we are helping their Nigerian employees to transfer to the US and also help hire new foreign talent in the US. Legalpad is also working on obtaining their green cards!” noted Gauswami.

Jeet Gauswami, Marketing Specialist at immigration experts Legalpad

Jeet grew up in India and immigrated to the US in 2016 to study communication at the University of Washington. He joined Legalpad’s marketing team in 2019. Since then, he has provided resources and support to thousands of early-stage founders and immigrants looking to move to the US. Currently, he handles partnerships for Legalpad (Acquired by Deel Inc.). If you are interested in supporting immigrants in your community, contact Jeet at

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