Business Verification

Approve more SMBs while managing risk, compliance, and retention. Integrate our business verification solution directly with your onboarding and verification workflows for instant results.

Our better business data delivers the most accurate results on:

  • Firmographics, including officer data, employee count, revenue, and ownership
  • Business health, including credit scores and business failure scores
  • AML/compliance data, PEPS, sanctions, and adverse media

Markaaz’s unrivaled global data powers the best match rates in the industry


Unique accuracy, broad global coverage, and superior breadth of data points


Instant data results for real-time verification and approval decisions


Services enterprise-scale portfolios with technology that integrates seamlessly to complement existing workflows


With exceptional data coverage in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Markaaz validates more potential customers so enterprises can confidently grow their customer base and lower their risk.

Countries or jurisdictions with robust business data coverage & depth

Countries or jurisdictions with some business data coverage

Countries or jurisdictions with low business data coverage

Connect with our team to test our match rates on your customer, vendor, or supplier portfolio and to see how we are expanding our data coverage.

Uncovering a Multi-Million Dollar Missed Opportunity

For a top five bank, Markaaz identified an additional 29% of potential SMB card customers that would have been declined a bank card with traditional verification services.

This results in three-digital incremental revenue for the bank over the card lifecycle – a multi-million dollar missed opportunity across the customer portfolio.

How can your enterprise use business verification?
Banking and financial services

Know Your Business (KYB) processes in banking and financial services ensure the identity verification and legitimacy of businesses during client onboarding, aiding in fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.

Alternative lenders and SBA loan providers

Lenders utilize KYB processes to verify the legitimacy of businesses during loan applications, ensuring compliance and mitigating fraudulent activities.

Card Processors

Card processors employ KYB processes to verify the legitimacy of businesses during merchant onboarding, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.


Business insurance providers use KYB to verify the identity and legitimacy of businesses during underwriting, assess risk accurately, ensure compliance, and monitor ongoing risks. It enables them to offer suitable coverage, prevent fraud, manage claims efficiently, and maintain a healthy insurance portfolio.

We offer flexible data delivery and integration

Markaaz delivers data based on your needs.

  • Tap directly into Markaaz’s AI-powered Directory with comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) suites for instant data delivery
  • Upload and download files and reports from our customer platform
  • Securely share large batch customer files directly
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Verify more small businesses at speed and scale
Grow Your Customer Base

Enable higher business match rates and improve onboarding success with lower false positives and false negatives.

Faster Onboarding

Enable real-time verification, reducing the time to onboarding and increasing efficiency for your teams.

Lower Risk

The most accurate data directory and advanced algorithms help reduce SMB onboarding risks and improve compliance.

Make more confident onboarding decisions instantly
Real-time Decisioning

Accelerate your approval process with configurable “yes/no/requires further due diligence” decisioning in real-time.

Auditing Made Easy

Manually audit any decision by requesting decisioning details to determine which rules were satisfied and which were not.

Configurable Parameters

Edit parameter thresholds to optimize your decisioning processes without sacrificing accuracy.

Flexible, integrated solutions for better business verification and onboarding decisioning