Business Verification

Verify more small businesses with better KYB data

Validate hard-to-identify small businesses while managing risk, compliance, and retention.

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of small business
applicants are lost at the verification stage

Markaaz verifies the small businesses others can’t. Our global SMB database and innovative matching algorithms reduce false rejections to substantially increase customer approvals.

Markaaz’s unrivaled business verification data powers superior match rates

Increase Revenues

Enable higher business match rates and approve more customers while lowering false positives and false negatives.

Faster Onboarding

Instant, integrated data delivery reduces the time to onboarding and increases efficiency for your compliance teams.

Lower Risk

The most accurate database and advanced algorithms help reduce small business onboarding risks and improve compliance.

Verify small businesses in seconds with a simple process

Get robust verification data on the most challenging business identity cases.

Match applicant data against Markaaz’s global business Directory

Use minimal applicant data to locate hard-to-validate businesses in our +300 million global business database.

Instantly receive the data you need

Integrate data into your automated workflows via our APIs or review verification results in our customer platform, accelerating approvals.

Review data and confidence scores

Markaaz returns firmographic, officer name, compliance, and business financial risk data, including match confidence scores so your team has all the data they need to make the right approval decisions.

We provide scalable solutions for all your customer verification volume needs, offering options for both low and high volume

Large applicant pools
Integrate data delivery directly into your systems to automate large-volume verification

Our APIs provide a direct line to the Markaaz Directory. They automatically return up to 70 data elements in under 2 seconds for efficient, fast, and scalable verification on large-batch customer files.

Integration is fast and effortless, thanks to simple APIs and robust developer guides.

Low-volume verification
Markaaz’s Business Lookup is purpose-built for low applicant volumes.

Hosted in our easy-to-use web-based platform, Business Lookup is an individual business verification tool. Companies can manually look up a business within the Markaaz Directory and download up to 70 fields of data for on-demand data validation.

Access over 70 business data elements, analyzed and validated from multiple global data sources

Access firmographic, compliance, and financial risk data to either verify or enhance your business customer records. Markaaz’s Directory contains over 300 million global small business records, ensuring you have the necessary data available for real-time delivery.

Firmographic data

Name (Legal, DBA)​, Addresses,​ Legal Structure, Company Status​, Tax ID/ National ID​, Industry, Primary Contact​, Company Hierarchy​

Officer names

Officers and Agents

Financial health and risk

Business Credit Risk Class, Business Credit Score, Business Failure Risk Rating

Compliance data

Anti-Money Laundering, Politically Exposed Person (PEP)​, Adverse media​, Regulatory enforcement list​, Reputational risk exposure​, Insolvency

Corporate hierarchy

Subsidiary parent, Domestic parent, Global parent

Diversity (US)

Diversity, Women-owned, Veteran-owned

Make more confident onboarding decisions instantly

Automate new business application decisions based on the verification data you receive. Get real-time recommendations based on your risk thresholds and a detailed summary of each data point.

Real-time Decisioning

Accelerate your approval process with configurable “yes/no/requires further due diligence” decisioning in real-time.

Auditing Made Easy

Manually audit any decision by requesting decisioning details to determine which rules were satisfied and which were not.

Configurable Parameters

Edit parameter thresholds to optimize your decisioning processes without sacrificing accuracy.

Uncovering a multi-million
dollar missed opportunity with
better match rates

Markaaz identified 30% of unverified small business credit card applicants for a Fortune 500 bank over leading data providers.

This unlocked a multi-million dollar lifetime revenue opportunity.

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Exceptional KYB data powers our business
verification solutions

Unique accuracy, broad global coverage, and superior breadth of small business data


Instant data results for real-time verification and approval decisions


Supports small to enterprise portfolios with technology that integrates seamlessly to complement existing workflows


With exceptional data coverage in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Markaaz validates more potential customers so enterprises can confidently grow their customer base and lower their risk.

Countries or jurisdictions with robust business data coverage & depth

Countries or jurisdictions with some business data coverage

Countries or jurisdictions with low business data coverage

How can your company use business verification?

Banking and financial services

Improve Know Your Business (KYB) processes during client onboarding to streamline approvals, reduce false positives and negatives, and improve compliance.

Alternative lenders and SBA loan providers

Validate businesses and their business officers during loan applications to approve more legitimate customers, increase revenues, and limit exposure.

Card Processors

Verify businesses during merchant onboarding, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.


Verify the identity and legitimacy of businesses during underwriting, assess risk accurately, ensure compliance, and monitor ongoing risks for more suitable coverage, fraud prevention, more efficient claims management, and to maintain a healthy insurance portfolio.


Verify the identity and legitimacy of sellers to improve compliance and protect your customers from illegitimate business fraud.

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