Markaaz Enterprise Services FAQs

Markaaz verifies small businesses that no one else can. Our vast small business directory comprising over 300 million global records across 200 countries, coupled with custom technology and analytics, lead to higher verification rates compared to traditional data companies. With superior data-driven verification, businesses can onboard more legitimate small business customers and unlock more revenue.

We provide accessible options for data delivery, including APIs for direct integration or secure file sharing in various formats (CSV, JSON, Excel) for a seamless experience.

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Markaaz stands out due to two key factors: the breadth of our global small businesses data and our regular updates of data attributes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In the Markaaz Directory, we consolidate global registry data, global business company data, and government content, integrating it with compliance data. By leveraging our proprietary analytics, we provide unmatched small business verification and monitoring services, surpassing those offered by other data companies.

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Markaaz finds and validates more small businesses compared to other providers. We have achieved exceptional results, such as identifying up to 84% of falsely rejected applicants for a leading US SMB lender and uncovering over $100 million of potential revenue from a customer list that was incorrectly rejected.

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Markaaz’s verification and business monitoring service is designed to serve enterprise-sized portfolios. We can seamlessly integrate with your onboarding workflows and automate data delivery.