Enrich Your Business Records

Improve sales, marketing, and portfolio management

Enrich business records for more thorough verification, validate sales and marketing data, and uncover hidden CRM growth opportunities. Ensure robust financial health for your business by correcting your business information.

Close the data gaps in your customer records

Get a deeper understanding of your customers to improve approval decisioning, reduce wasted sales and marketing efforts, and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Markaaz can enrich your business records with data elements across firmographic and business health indicators.

Business credit scores
Business credit scores​
Business credit scores
AML and Compliance
AML and Compliance​
AML and Compliance
Officer names
Officer names​
Officer names
Corp hierarchy
Corp hierarchy​
Corp hierarchy

Use cases

Deepen your verification checks​
Deepen your verification checks


Markaaz makes it easy to get the data you need. Just follow four simple steps.

  • 1. Select

    Select and share key data points of the business you want to verify. Markaaz supports individual business lookups and large batch data transfers.

  • 2. Match

    Markaaz’s AI-enhanced algorithms find and match your selected businesses in Markaaz’s database of 300 million SMBs across 200 countries.

  • 3. Verify

    Markaaz returns validating business data from our Directory, including basic firmographics and officer names.

  • 4. Enrich

    Deepen verification checks with additional firmographic, compliance, and financial health data, including high/low confidence scores.

Maximize the potential of your CRM​
Maximize the potential of your CRM

Personalize customer offers

Tailor outreach messaging and product offers to fit precise customer needs.

Save wasted resources

Follow the right selling opportunities and stop wasting resources targeting the wrong businesses.

Improve automation

Increase the efficiency of your marketing automation and free up your teams to focus on growth drivers, like demand generation and sales conversations.

Fuel precise new customer acquisition campaigns​
Fuel precise new customer acquisition campaigns

Segment ICPs

Identify and segment your ideal customers to maximize the effectiveness of your lead generation.

Improve lead scoring decisions

Avoid wasted efforts and prioritize the right new prospects for lead nurturing and sales engagement.

Target sales outreach

Target SMBs with the right product at the right time based on dynamic business data changes.

Launch targeted marketing

Leverage enriched prospecting lists to improve new customer acquisition campaigns.

Monitor dynamic compliance and financial risk​
Monitor dynamic compliance and financial risk

  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Global sanctions lists
  • Law enforcement watchlist
  • Insolvency
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • Adverse media

Case Study

74% of incomplete records enriched with missing data for an insurance leader

A leading global insurance company used Markaaz’s data to enrich incomplete business records. Where previous data solutions could only validate 50%, Markaaz verified and enriched 74%.

74% of incomplete records enriched with missing data for an insurance leader​

Markaaz’s data is better than anything I have ever seen in the market.

Senior Executive, SMB Credit Card Analytics,
Fortune 500 US Bank

How can your enterprise use data enrichment?


Verify credit scores and create a complete profile of your potential customer for risk assessment.

Financial Institutions
Financial institutions

Understand a customer’s financial identity, improve the customer experience, and personalize product offers.


Predict risk, set pricing accurate pricing policies, and get insights into cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Retail Marketplace
Retail and Marketplace

Better validate third-party sellers and customers and tailor products and messaging to appended demographic data.

Free Match Rate test

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Markaaz verifies 30% more businesses than leading providers. See what you’re missing with our free match rate test.