KYB and AML Compliance Monitoring

Elevate your ongoing monitoring with superior business data

Harness the most accurate business data available to reduce fraud risk, identify financial exposure, increase compliance, and improve portfolio management.

Our business and AML compliance data merges industry expertise with tech innovation, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Identify risk hiding in your portfolio  

Markaaz’s 480M global business database and advanced matching algorithms close the gaps in your compliance and risk coverage. Now you won’t just identify unforeseen risks—you’ll stay one step ahead.

Ongoing compliance screening

Stay ahead of fraud or compliance threats that can cost millions in damages or expensive fines. Markaaz runs daily checks of your customer records against all global sanctions lists and provides daily updates and alerts. 

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Track anti-money laundering or financial crime risks.

sanctions lists​
Sanctions lists

Check against OFAC, UN Security Council, HMT, EU sanctions, and many more global lists.

law enforcement watchlist​
Law enforcement watchlist

Identify entities of interest to law enforcement agencies for various criminal activities. 


Report companies that have been declared bankrupt or insolvent by legal authorities.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)​
Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

Flag any connections to individuals holding prominent public positions that are associated with corruption or financial crime risks.

adverse media​
Adverse media

Screen more negative mentions in media due to controversies, illegal activities, or questionable conduct.

Monthly business information monitoring

Download monthly updates on important financial or company changes in your customers’ businesses.  

Firmographic data​
Firmographic data
  • Company structure, locations, parents, and subsidiaries
  • Number of employees and annual revenue
  • Online presence, including website and social media
  • Contact details, including email addresses
  • Primary industries, including Standard
  • Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
  • Credit ratings and performance details
Financial risk and solvency​
Financial risk and solvency
  • Business credit and risk scores
  • Delinquencies or defaults
Turn compliance and risk challenges into revenue opportunities

With a focus on precision, customizable, and flexible data delivery, Markaaz maakes it faster and easier to monitor your entire business portfolio.  

Markaaz’s data is better than anything I have ever seen in the market.

Senior Executive, SMB Credit Card Analytics,
Fortune 500 US Bank

Easy integration and no-code options take the frustration out of ongoing monitoring

Our hassle-free API set up shares monitoring data directly into your systems
  • Configure our APIs to automate data delivery into your workflows​
  • Create multiple monitoring portfolios organized by product, acquisition vintage, or other criteria​
  • Add newly onboarded customers to an existing monitoring portfolio
monitoring report
Our intuitive web-based platform makes managing and retrieving your monitoring data easy
  • Login to our web-based platform.
  • Upload your customer data file.
  • Set custom parameters across 50 data elements.
  • Receive reports delivered directly to you.

Why use Markaaz for AML compliance and ongoing monitoring


Markaaz’s AI-enhanced matching algorithms create the most precise business records globally.


We offer comprehensive coverage across 200 countries, with a focus on key regions like the US, EU, and Asia.


Get results in just 2 seconds with our Directory of 480M global business records and rapid matching algorithm, available through various delivery options.


Markaaz provides cloud-native solutions suitable for data needs ranging from small to large volumes.

Free e-book quick guide

Global KYB regulatory changes in 2024-2025

Our guide equips you with the knowledge and insights needed to ensure compliance and safeguard your business reputation.