Business Monitoring Services

Better business health and compliance monitoring is powered by better data.

Markaaz makes it easy to improve or get started with business monitoring. Our scalable services support every customer portfolio size.

  • Always-on AML/compliance
  • Monthly business health changes
  • Detailed firmographic data updates

Never miss key change signals in your customer portfolio

Without accurate business and compliance monitoring, enterprises miss time-sensitive opportunities to manage risk or offer critical support services to their customers, vendors, or suppliers.

Markaaz’s automated monthly and daily compliance alerts are always on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For complete customer confidence, you need complete data

Markaaz’s unique, AI-powered directory of more than 300 million small businesses means we can match more of an enterprise’s customer portfolio than any other provider in the market – giving the confidence you need in your customer data.

With Markaaz, you have a single source of truth for the most accurate monitoring available for your entire small business customer portfolio.

Business health and AML/compliance reports delivered directly to you

Markaaz’s no-code client platform automates and streamlines the entire monitoring process – reducing time, expense, and costly errors in current processes.


Markaaz creates a unique customer account on our no-hassle client portal


Simply and securely upload your customer data portfolio file

Set parameters

Customize your criteria from 50 standard data elements

Receive reports

Receive reports delivered directly to your account

Monthly business health and solvency monitoring reports

Get monthly business health and firmographic change reports for every company in your portfolio. You can customize thresholds based on your criteria.

Firmographic data
Business records from diverse sources on 200 data points
  • Company structure, locations, parents, and subsidiaries
  • Number of employees and annual revenue
  • Online presence, including website and social media
  • Contact details, including email addresses
  • Primary industries, including Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
  • Credit ratings and performance details
Business health data
Monitor financial health to improve risk management
  • Keep a close watch on the financial health of your suppliers, vendors, and customer
  • Get business credit scores to assess evolving risk
  • Sort businesses by Business Risk Classes
  • Quickly see delinquencies or defaults

Daily business compliance monitoring reports

Stay ahead of fraud or compliance threats that can cost millions in damages or expensive fines. Markaaz provides daily alerts that flag anything that causes you concern.

Business AML/compliance data
Ensure customers, vendors, and suppliers maintain compliance
  • Track anti-money laundering (AML) flags
  • Flag any connections to Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • Check against multiple sanctions lists
  • Screen for adverse media

Ease your SMB’s application and renewal experience with enterprise-grade monitoring

Business approval delays? Customer renewal headaches? We’ve got you covered.

Markaaz engages business owners directly so you can get their latest insurance certificate, confirm their most recent address, verify ownership, and more.

Small businesses can more easily
  • Complete in-progress applications
  • Directly share important business updates that might change services offerings
  • Maintain an accurate public data profile
Enterprises can more easily
  • Connect directly with SMBs
  • Accelerate service approvals or renewal
  • Customize offerings based on changing client needs

Let us automate your new application and renewal processes based on your needs and criteria.