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Looking for faster onboarding? More accurate verification? Defining your data study goals helps your Markaaz Client Specialist recommend the right approach. Your specialist will review your customer list and suggest a strategy using our extensive global data, which has exceptional coverage in the US, EU, and Asia.

Share up to 5000 records for testing
  • Minimum fields for each record: Full company name, full company address including country code
  • Additional optional fields: Company telephone number, company URL, company TIN
  • Format: Excel. Add your data into our simply template and return to your Markaaz Client Specialist.
  • Latin script only

Note: Following completion of the data study, Markaaz will purge your dataset from our data storage and provide attestation for your records. 

Review results in a free consultation, including:
  • Matched vs. non-matched results
  • Analysis of trends behind reasons for non-matched records and available insights on data quality contribution
  • A copy of your full data study output
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