Build a better small business with your data and Markaaz

Make sure your small business data is correct so you can get the services you need from the partners you want

Looking for financing, good insurance coverage, or your next commercial lease as a small business owner? Correct and updated data gets you those contracts whether you are a sole proprietorship or bigger. Your data must be accurate, secure, easily shareable, and easily available so you can apply for the things you need and get onboarded quickly.

Markaaz is your answer to all these problems.

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With the Markaaz Dashboard, you can:

Markaaz dashboard graphics
  • See all of your publicly available data in one place
  • Correct and update your publicly available data
  • Secure your most up-to-date business documents
  • Make your data and your documents easily available

All of this is embedded within the Markaaz Dashboard. With Markaaz, your small business data management just got easy.

Clean data unlocks your growth opportunities

Data is the key to making sure your small business is noticed; unlock your full potential with the Markaaz Dashboard

In the modern world, your small business data is everything and everywhere! But is it up to date, is it correct, and is it saying the right thing about your small business?  

Your small business data is used in every transaction you can think of:

  • Accessing a small business credit card
  • Getting small business financing
  • Verification for business insurance
  • Signing the new office lease

You must ensure your data is correct or risk missing out on services or solutions for your business.

Do it on the Markaaz Dashboard.

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Get verified with Markaaz

The Markaaz Dashboard helps small businesses get verified so they can prove they are good investments and partners

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Become a verified business on Markaaz by correcting and updating your data. This vastly improves your credibility and makes you more attractive as a business partner. Our verification process creates trust and lets your partners see that your business is in good standing. Only on Markaaz can you show a checked background and a strong track record.

Successfully connect with the suppliers you need, using your checked, accurate and up-to-date data. Markaaz is building data bridges that connect you to bigger opportunities.

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Let us help you to:

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  • Correct and manage your business data
  • Secure digital documents in the Vault
  • Find curated financing options
  • Monitor your cashflow
  • Pay and get paid (coming soon)

The Markaaz Dashboard is the only platform to unlock the potential of your business data.

Markaaz Dashboard graphic

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Connecting small and big businesses, from A to Z

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Connecting small and big businesses, from A to Z