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Have you got questions about Markaaz? This frequently asked questions guide will help you learn more about Markaaz.

About Markaaz

We’re a world’s first fintech scale-up, bringing together small and big businesses in a unique way. At the core, everyone on the Markaaz team has a special relationship with small business, and whether we grew up with one or our family members have one, and we all deeply care for the success and access to resources for all small businesses.

[Markaz] is an ancient name that means center, where all things come together (like a market). We added another ‘a’ and made it a whole new world for our small businesses and enterprise partners.

There are many services in the market that do parts of what we do, but no one bring it all together into a single interface, accessible all-in-one place, and connecting small and big businesses. That’s us. We’re working every day to make small business life easier and help enterprise partners (larger companies) manage risk and improve efficiency.

The Directory

Yes, you can! Whether you’re looking for an electrician or a catering service, we’ve got you covered. Simply use the search bar in the Directory to look for a specific business by name, industry, or location.

The Markaaz Directory contains businesses outside the US and is growing fast. You can search for any business by simply adding the location in the search bar of the Directory.

Yes. Markaaz is not only a solution for small businesses to run their business more efficiently, but it is also a community of pre-verified businesses. Claiming your business will allow you to be seen in the best possible light by other businesses who can search you using the Directory.

If you’re not seeing your business in our Directory of 100M+ businesses, we can help you add it! We’re always looking to improve our data so we can serve you better. Reach out to us at support@markaaz.com and we’ll be happy to help.

We are working on one! We expect to offer a mobile Markaaz Dashboard app in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Markaaz uses a variety of methods, tools, and databases to verify that the businesses and individuals on the Markaaz platform are who they say they are. Powered by data from Equifax and other partners, these verification steps include requesting documentation from the business and owners, running information against known databases such as sanctions lists, and confirming the business is legitimate, running, and the user claiming the business is authorized to do so.

Because you know that any partners and suppliers joining you on Markaaz, will have to go through the same thorough onboarding process, that will give you a level of comfort and peace of mind. And in the future, you will have the opportunity to transact more easily and in a better way on Markaaz – learn more here.

If a partner or supplier you contract with undergoes changes in ownership, personnel, location, or other factors, it could have a significant impact on your supply chain. Keep on top of recent changes to your suppliers or partners by following their business. There are always risks when involving another company with your business’s essential needs. Following your partners and suppliers on Markaaz will help you answer questions such as:

  • When will I get paid?
  • Is there a risk of my partner or supplier at risk going out of business?
  • Other essential factors that could disrupt your business.

Following your partners and suppliers is especially useful during a time when the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty places a heavier burden on businesses worldwide.

At Markaaz we believe that all business should be in charge of their publicly available data. By pre-populating what is out there about your business and giving you the ability to claim it here on Markaaz, we are hoping to make your life easier to update and manage your data. With the objective to make sure that you are always being seen in the best possible light, and making other businesses want to work with you. 

Through the Markaaz Directory on your Dashboard, members can find other businesses to follow. Once followed, these business profiles will be highlighted so that you can easily find them again and receive any updates.

The Dashboard

The all-in-one Dashboard allows you to connect your business software and applications, so you can see your key business metrics in one place. Track all your cashflow insights, check sales, have access to small business resources, securely store and share all of your critical business artifacts and much more. There’s no need to spend endless hours and have multiple applications open to run your business anymore – we’ve made sure to streamline everything through the Dashboard.

We want to make sure we only alert you if something important happens to your business, or a business you are following. Initially, we’ll need your help in fine-tuning what you’d like us to notify you for, and over time we’ll make sure to follow your preferences.

Yes! Updates on Markaaz are as near real time as possible. You can stay on top of recent payments, transactions, and even social media posts which are all refreshed as often as those applications allow (in most cases multiple times per day).

Currently, the tiles available on the Dashboard are determined based on Business Owner feedback as most valuable to businesses. We are working on customization, coming soon!

Whether they are customers or suppliers, understanding the profiles and health of other businesses can be important to your cashflow, receivables, or payables. Knowing when another business undergoes changes – in address, business status, or ownership – can be important information to help you manage those relationships.

There is currently no limit as to how many businesses you can add to keep track of so you can follow as many businesses as you like. Whether you are just interested in how they are doing, want to partner with them, or currently work with them, Markaaz makes it easy to stay connected.

The Business Credit Risk Score™ powered by Equifax offers reliable insight into the general creditworthiness of a company. It predicts the likelihood that a business will become severely delinquent (91+ days past due, charged off or bankrupt) on a non-financial account over the next 12 months. Businesses are assigned a value ranging from 103 to 600, with high values indicating lower chances of severe delinquency. The score empowers you to make intelligent, efficient decisions for your business by answering critical management questions, such as:

  • Will I be paid?
  • When will I be paid?
  • Is my supplier facing financial difficulty?

It is a score that ranges from 1 (least risk) – 5 (most risk); “0” indicates a bankruptcy on file. Additionally, it predicts the likelihood of a business becoming severe delinquent in payments (90 days or greater) or a risk of a charge-off within the next 12 months. The severe delinquency rate in the highest Risk Class, 5, is over 4 times that of the US average, and over 100 times the delinquency rate of Risk Class 1, the lowest risk group.

If you have any questions regarding your account, feel free to contact us at support@markaaz.com

You have control of your business listing with Markaaz, meaning you can share whatever information you want with the partners you follow. You can have certain information toggled off if you choose to under privacy settings.

By connecting your accounting application to the Markaaz Dashboard, your cashflow and other key financial metrics (such as payables and receivables) are accessible in a single location at your fingertips.

Payables are the bills you have paid, or remain to be paid, as entered in your accounting software.

Receivables are the invoices you have issued, which have been paid or are yet to be paid, as entered in your accounting software.

Yes! Whether you use Stripe, Square, Shopify, Etsy (or one of many other sales platforms) you can connect it to the Dashboard. Our Dashboard is a secure site to consolidate sales records, including transactions, sales volume, and disputes in one place.

Yes! Markaaz offers you the ability to connect multiple sales tools and toggle between them on the Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is yours. You link the apps that are meaningful to you. The social media feed allows you see your Twitter, and in the future, we will be allowing connections to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. With your Twitter connected, you can see your feed in real time to keep track of it – it is optional, you can do as you please.

If you have any questions regarding your account, feel free to contact us at support@markaaz.com

In the future, other customer feedback tools such as Yelp will be available to be connected to the Dashboard.

The Business Resource Center, which can be found on your Dashboard, gives you access to valuable tools to help you with your business. This includes products and solutions from industry leading companies, curated blogs that provide small business insights, loan assistance and much more.

Markaaz will add additional resources based on customer feedback and inquiries. If you have any thoughts or resources you would like to share, feel free to reach out at support@markaaz.com!

We are working on providing you with many services, such as small business loans, insurance for your business, disaster-relief assistance, you name it, all through Markaaz. It is our vision that you will be able to apply for any services you need through Markaaz.

The Vault

The Markaaz Dashboard provides each customer with a personal secure Vault, where they can upload, store and share key business artifacts (e.g., tax returns, bank statements) with whomever you choose. The next time you apply for that loan or bank account, you have your documents ready in the Vault and you can share it with one click with the bank or business you are looking to apply with.

You can upload all your most important documents that might be needed to qualify for a loan, a line of credit, insurance or even mortgage or rental space. Some examples include:

  • EIN
  • Beneficial Owner information
  • Income tax return
  • Bank statements
  • Limited Liability Policy
  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Director & Owner’s Policy
  • Financial documents such as Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet or Cashflow statement
  • Bylaws
  • Certificate of Business
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Personal Identification (e.g., driver’s license or Passport)

Many business partners, financial institutions, or other entities you do business with may require you to provide information about your business. By uploading and storing this information in the Markaaz Vault, it is available at your fingertips and eliminates the need to search and download materials multiple times. You are in control of how to share the information.

Markaaz believes good security is good business. Markaaz builds security-by-design into the launch its products and services, adheres to industry standard cybersecurity best practices, and keeps its community updated and educated on security best practices to help stay up-to-date and secure. To learn more about our information security program, contact us.

You can share the artifacts in the Vault with whomever you choose, though commonly with institutions who provide financial products and services.

Payments - Coming soon!

Once the Markaaz Prepaid card is available, you can use a number of different funding methods to load the account. We are disconnecting where your money comes from and send it in any way you like, regardless of the payee’s preference, simplifying B2B payments. For example, your supplier requires ACH payments, but you have more liquidity in your business credit card. We will make it easy for you to send that money and meet both their requirements and your preference. Learn more here.

The Markaaz Dashboard enables you to connect to many of the leading accounting applications. Once connected, any entries in the accounting software will be reflected in the Dashboard and updated multiple times each day. The frequency of updates depends on how often new entries are made in the software, and how often individual software applications make those updates available.

Once the Markaaz Prepaid product is available, you may be able to transfer money to the Prepaid card from many different sources, such as checking accounts and then use the Prepaid card to make payments wherever it is accepted. Learn more here.

Enterprise partners

Application processes become near real-time with Markaaz. What traditionally can take about 7-10 days and involves lots of paperwork has been shortened and simplified through Markaaz. Soon, a small business owner will be able to send an application with all the relevant documents to an enterprise partner with one click, speeding up your approval and onboarding processes – all through Markaaz.

For any small business you have onboarded through Markaaz, we enable a monitoring relationship between you and the small business; meaning as long as the small business consents, you get to see any changes in business health and information, so you are always one step ahead in helping them if they need you.

In the future, Markaaz will enable secure chat functionality between small businesses and their partners and service providers. This feature will allow everyone to stay much more connected, resolve any questions quickly, and provide and receive a much better service.

It’s easy! Simply go to our Partners page and reach out to us or send us an email at partner@markaaz.com.

Simply go to our Partners page and reach out to us or send us an email at partner@markaaz.com

Community Development Initiative (CDI)

The Community Development Initiative (CDI) is a pledge that we make to provide 100,000 businesses with access to Markaaz. Making resources like the all-in-one Dashboard and pre-verified Directory available to every small business is what drives equity and equal opportunity. Go here for more information.

Reach out to us and we’ll add your business contact information to our list so that we can share it with interested sponsors!

Absolutely! We offer a variety of sponsorship levels and can also work with you to structure a customized sponsorship. Learn more here.

Each sponsorship level offers different benefits, but most importantly, you’ll be helping small businesses to succeed! Learn more about the benefits of sponsorship here.

Small businesses who are sponsored as part of the CDI will receive a Markaaz membership. This includes access to the Markaaz Dashboard and all the benefits associated with it, such as guidance and access to all enhancements and new service offerings as they are introduced!

Using Markaaz

A Premium Markaaz user gets full access to our Dashboard and all the features it includes, such as our Business Directory, the Vault, our Business Resource Center, and the ability to connect your business applications such as accounting software, sales software and social media accounts. Learn more about our membership here.

There is no free trial period, but we do have a Free tier of our Dashboard available for you. Learn more here.

We are working on options for every business, regardless of their budget or requirements. If budget is a concern, we do have a sponsorship program if you would like to join the waitlist. Click here to check it out.

Yes! Get a 20% discount when paying for a whole year at once.

A premium subscription is required to follow your partners, customers, and suppliers; and receive their updates.

You can find and follow any business on Markaaz, regardless of their membership status.

You can invite your partner to “Meet Me on Markaaz.” Your partner can create a business profile and become instantly verified.

Don’t see your question answered here? Reach out to our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.