How to make the most of small business technology

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A bright spot of the COVID-19 pandemic is consumers’ push to keep small businesses alive.

A lot of small business technology got started this way, connecting companies with their customers through different small digital transformations. These included increased online ordering and delivery capabilities, for example. This was a game-changer with so many small businesses operating on a traditional brick-and-mortar model. The question is, how can small businesses continue to survive and make the most of the momentum they’ve been able to build? 

If you identify as a small business, you know that technology issues for a new startup or growing business differ significantly from a large corporation. The technology you need to keep your small business running smoothly, the need to utilize cost-effective tools, and the process of selecting the right technology for your business are all unique for small businesses. 

Growing a small business takes hard work, dedication, and creativity. And you probably stick to yourself or your team to come up with solutions; however, there comes a point when you need to look elsewhere to solve the problems that slow your growth. Fortunately, new technology is constantly being created to meet the needs of business owners, and you can use these three strategies to begin to take full advantage of the options that best fit your company’s needs. 

Company website revamp 

More and more people are consuming online, so your company website must be viewed as an extension of your storefront. It may be the only thing that a customer may see before purchasing from an internet-based company. Website analytics allow you to see and understand your online presence and how effective it is. Use the information you gather from your analytics to make changes and bring in more customers. For instance, you may need to alter some phrases on your website to attract first-time visitors better, or you may need to make it easier to navigate through each page. 

New Marketing Strategies 

Digital marketing is something your small business must take advantage of, or you will miss out on a world of opportunity. However, so many online marketing options can make you lose sight of what works. With marketing software, you can use geo-targeted advertisements to get your message to the exact customers you want. You can also use the software to determine which methods successfully build upon what is proven to work. 

Social media can also be a great marketing tool for small businesses, especially as their startup cost is zero. Facebook and Twitter are typically used to connect with friends and family, but small businesses can use them too. Set up a company profile on the platform your customers typically use to make sure you’re hitting the right audience. These profiles are great for community building, getting the word out about your company, and giving your business a personal touch. On your business account, you can send out occasional updates about upcoming events and anything else that’s going on. Giving customers insight into your business or how you perform certain services keeps you on their minds. You can also consider every update free advertising to drive your company’s growth. 

Take advantage of new small business technology 

As a business owner, you must keep up with many tools to ensure everything runs smoothly. On top of that, most of these tools don’t communicate with one another. This means you sometimes have to double or triple work to ensure all information is accurate across your business. One platform that streamlines many of your business processes for you is Markaaz.

We are the world’s first platform to enable small businesses to discover verified suppliers, manage them, and improve their cash flow. We have over 100+M companies pre-verified on our platform, so you know you’re working with legal, real, and good-standing businesses. We are also always building new features to make your small business run more smoothly. We are currently building functionality to reduce friction in payments and cash flow. This will be seamlessly integrated into our pre-verified directory, helping you pare down the tools needed for your business to function smoothly.  

The bottom line

As you implement new technology, remember that any growth sometimes means a few bumps along the way. Be sure to work with your team, analyzing what works so you can adjust your plan accordingly. With a bit of flexibility and willingness to try new things, you will see your business begin to flourish. At Markaaz, we aim to simplify your business processes so you can get back to business. Join Markaaz today to gain access to our transformative features. 

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