Keep your digital doors open with Markaaz and Mastercard 

Markaaz x Mastercard Digital Doors offer

Take your business to the next level by taking control of your publicly available business information and mastering the tools and digital skills necessary in our always-on world with a free one-month trial of the Markaaz Dashboard for Mastercard Digital Doors business owners.  

Powered by the Markaaz Directory of over 300 million global business records, the Markaaz Dashboard gives you access to your complete business financial health picture, the ability to manage your publicly available business data, store essential digital business documents, and find partners to do business with.  

We are the only small-business-focused platform that enables you to use your publicly available business information to access better financing rates and other exclusive deals from our small-business-focused partners.    

We help you to:   

  • Correct and update your publicly available business data and see what data is getting fed to banks, insurance, and enterprise solutions 
  • Monitor your cash flow, business credit and risk scores, and supplier payments 
  • Securely store and share your critical business documents 
  • Find the right vendors, suppliers, and business partners  
  • Access customized financing for starting or scaling your business 

Mastercard and Markaaz share a common goal; to see your small business build a digital identity that helps you take your businesses to the next level. Come and join the Markaaz Dashboard Community and let us help you grow your business.   

How to Redeem:  

1. Sign up and create a profile 

2. In the payment section, enter promo code GROW23 

To be eligible for the free trial offer you must be a new Markaaz member. A new Markaaz customer is defined as a customer that has not previously signed up for a free trial with Markaaz using their email address. When you sign up, you will be offered the opportunity to have your subscription automatically renew. The amount of each subscription, and subsequent renewal price, will be presented to you at or before the point at which you sign-up for the automatic renewal service. Your subscription will continue until you cancel. When you sign up, you will be agreeing to Markaaz’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.  This offer is made by Markaaz, and not by Mastercard. Mastercard makes no offer, and disclaims all warranties and liability in relation to Markaaz’s offer.

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