Markaaz Quarterly Product Updates | Q2, 2024 

Learn more about our latest product development and innovation across business identity, verification and KYB, globally.


Expanding coverage to half a billion businesses globally


We’re continuously expanding our worldwide business directory, driving our platform’s capabilities across 200 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. It encompasses 480 million verified business entities, regularly updated through insights from 65,000 verifiable sources and AI-powered enhancements. This robust data backbone fuels our signature use cases including business verification, data enrichment and monitoring.

New product designs added the ability to include all business addresses including registered, agent, operating and mailing addresses. This further increases our ability to identify a business across the globe.  

We have also added the company registration date to better identify when a legal entity was created. This augments our established date insights. 

More about our vision here in this PYMNTS interview.


Deeper insights into matching

Our Advanced Match API offers the ability tailor each request to retrieve up to ten matching or nearly-matching entities. In addition to the overall Match Confidence Score, the response may also be customized to show field level grades for each input, making it easy to identify the strength of matching at the field level. 

While Markaaz always returns the best match first, Advanced Match is ideal for scenarios where a business may share several common tokens in the business name and address with other businesses in the same geography. This tailored approach furnishes the necessary insight and flexibility to identify the business most closely aligned with your requests for identity information.


The fastest way to get started

Based on customer demand, we have launched a new Search API that is making it even easier to use Markaaz by reducing the required input fields to find an initial match to only: business name, locality, and country.  

The search will return ten records which most closely align with the values provided including business identity information, metadata and the Markaaz ID. This Markaaz ID is the unique identifier and will be needed to call other Markaaz APIs such as for firmographic, business health, compliance, hierarchy and diversity information.  

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