Sell differently – The art of social selling on LinkedIn

Have you ever used LinkedIn to sell your small business products and services? Learn how to do it successfully with these tips from Samantha McKenna, Founder and CEO of #samsales Consulting
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Stand out with your small business sales outreach with social selling. Samantha McKenna, Founder, and CEO, of #samsales Consulting, explains how

It’s time to think about outreach differently. So, what is social selling, and what does it involve for you as a business owner?  

Social selling is the art of using your LinkedIn profile to build up your reputation as a subject-matter expert and position that expertise on your social channels to grow your followers and, in turn, your business reach. It is the modern way to sell and is exceptionally important for your business strategy.  

“No matter what size your business is, by using an incredible platform like LinkedIn, where you can share ideas, strategies, and thought leadership. You can teach your buyers exactly what they should do while getting great questions and wide visibility. I’m a sales trainer. There are 100,000 sales trainers in my state alone. How do I stand out? I stand out by publishing content in a meaningful leadership way on LinkedIn,” explained Samantha McKenna, Founder of #samsales Consulting.  

Building your brand on LinkedIn can be intimidating, and many are concerned that it will take a long time to build up a meaningful following that results in conversions. However, if you do one post and get 300 people to look at that post, you’ve just taken 15 minutes to write something and connect with new people. Now you multiply that and post something meaningful daily, even if it is sharing other posts with your thoughts; you are building your brand.  

“I wrote a post this morning that already has over 40,000 views. Forty thousand people have seen what I have to say about getting somebody to respond to an email when they’re ghosting you. Our head of enablement, who has maybe 1200 connections posted something yesterday that has over 10,000 views. Ten thousand people saw who she is, where she works, and her thought leadership. That’s the kind of exposure that helps a small business scale because you’re getting a wider reach than just sending a couple of 100 emails daily,” stated McKenna.  

How do I post, what do I post, and when do I post on LinkedIn?  

#Samsales Consulting’s top social selling tips for LinkedIn

  1. Write thought leadership to engage your audience’s attention. 
  1. Be consistent and post a minimum of twice a week. 
  1. Never post on a Monday – there’s a lot more competition. 
  1. Pick a Saturday or Sunday morning as one of your posting days; you’ll get higher visibility and engagement from executives on the weekends than you will during the week.  
  1. The first two lines, if you have a picture or the first five lines, if you don’t, are your post’s most critical components.  

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Samantha McKenna, Founder, and CEO of #samsales Consulting

 Samantha McKenna, Founder and CEO of #samsales Consulting

Samantha McKenna, Founder, and CEO of #samsales Consulting, is an award-winning sales leader, brand ambassador for LinkedIn, angel investor, board member, and highly sought-after speaker. She has broken nearly 15 sales records, believes great sales are rooted in exceptional manners, and consistently looks for opportunities to continue growing the company’s philanthropic efforts. Since 2008, Sam has worked for some of the most notable names in the Bay Area, including ON24 and LinkedIn. While with these organizations, Sam spent her time as an individual contributor in Enterprise sales before moving to scaling teams and revenue as an executive leader. With more than 30,000 LinkedIn followers, Sam has inspired sales professionals with her tangible sales tips and actionable advice used daily by executives and teams alike. Sam has been named a Top 50 Women in Revenue and Top 20 Women in Sales Leadership, appears as one of the faces of LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s marketing campaigns and has been named a Top Ten LinkedIn Sales Star several times over. She has a deep commitment to helping women succeed – particularly those who are military spouses – as well as individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Sam is dedicated to shining a light on her trademark Show Me You Know Me and #givefirst mantras – and together with her team, raised over $50,000 for charity in 2021 alone with the innovative #samsales ‘Show Me You Know Me’ Charity Event. In its first 24 months, #samsales Consulting has scaled to multi-million-dollar revenue and added 17 talented team members. The #samsales team serves over 100 clients, achieved 312% of its first annual revenue goal, and surpassed all reason with 233% YoY growth in its second year! 

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