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You control your business’s financial success using your business information, housed on the Markaaz Dashboard.

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One of the biggest financial challenges for our small business community is finding the right financing options at the right rates.

Our Dashboard partners, including Nav, find and curate the best finance rates, terms, and offers from small business lenders using your updated small business data housed on your Markaaz small business Dashboard.

Whether you are looking to add more inventory or rent a bigger business space, you can start your curated financing journey for the amount you need with just a few clicks from inside your Markaaz Dashboard.

Let us help you reach your long-term goals with the right financing product or service.

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Access the most competitive financing rates

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With today’s uncertain market conditions, small businesses face increased challenges of high inflation, increasing interest rates, and a growing competitive recruiting pool. This can strain many businesses’ understanding of where to go for the capital they need to survive.

We’re excited to partner with Markaaz to continue our goal to create transparency and certainty for small business owners for an easier borrowing experience.