Small business solutions

Capture missed revenue with custom-built SMB engagement solutions

Increase onboarding approvals, streamline the customer experience, and improve retention with a user-contributed data platform customized to your needs. 

Elevate your SMB onboarding experience with simple data collection tools

The Markaaz Dashboard is a digital data collection and management platform that empowers SMBs to actively
participate in the onboarding process, streamlining and improving data sharing for both SMBs and service providers.

Our team will white label a custom Dashboard to fit into your Know Your Business (KYB) processes and SMB offerings
across your full customer lifecycle.

Pre-onboarding validation

Ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of customer data through pre-application data verification.

Streamline document collection, including beneficial owner information.

Onboarding application reviews

Address application errors directly with the SMB owner, avoiding communication delays.

Give a second look at ‘maybe’ applicants to capture more qualified candidates.

Post-onboarding tools that provide additional customer value

Incorporate the Markaaz Dashboard as a white-labeled, custom offering. With it, SMBs can:

Verify publicly available business data and store key documents in the Markaaz Vault for validation.

Monitor their business data, identify inaccuracies, set alerts for changes, and access guidance for updating and validating information. 

Access business management tools for financial insights and document management. 

How the Markaaz Dashboard benefits SMBs and service providers
Service provider benefits
  • Increase revenue: Attract and retain more customers, boosting your bottom line.
  • Lower risk: Improve the accuracy of your data to make better-informed decisions and reduce potential issues.
  • Improve efficiencies: Reduce the time and effort needed to onboard new SMB customers, leading to a seamless experience.
  • Reduce abandons: Solve customer frustration and create a smooth experience with a user-friendly interface.
Small business benefits
  • Faster access to better services: Avoid approval delays caused by missing verification data and support SMBs with better rates and services.
  • Access to valuable insights: Empower SMBs with financial health insights for growth and improvement.
  • Better data management: Help SMBs maintain accurate public profiles, improving credibility with partners, customers, and lenders. 
  • Lowered rejection rates: SMBs provide accurate data to reduce incorrect rejections.

Unlock the full potential of your business onboarding today

Share your requirements with our team and explore how we can customize our SMB engagement solution to help you streamline onboarding, increase revenue, and lower risk.  

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