Small business data in Know Your Business (KYB): Challenges and opportunities  


For financial institutions, insurance providers, and retailers serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the accuracy and depth of data used in the Know Your Business (KYB) process can greatly influence everything from risk assessment and financial due diligence to the overall customer experience.  

At its core, KYB helps companies validate the legitimacy of their business partners and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards. However, the dynamic nature of SMBs can create both challenges and opportunities that require a more tailored KYB approach.  

Small business data in KYB: Key challenges  

The challenges presented by SMB data can impede the efficiency and accuracy of the due diligence process. Often, the hurdles come from a lack of quality data and available resources. Understanding the most common issues can help enterprises develop effective solutions and streamline their operations.  

1. Data inconsistencies  

Effective KYB procedures are heavily reliant on data quality and accuracy. It’s common for incorrect or outdated information to lead to faulty assessments. There are several factors that commonly contribute to SMB data inconsistencies:  

  • First, SMB data is often scattered across multiple platforms, complicating the aggregation process. Without a sophisticated way to gather and match data, sorting through information can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.  
  • Second, understanding an SMB’s complex ownership and managerial hierarchies can be challenging. SMBs may frequently undergo structural, ownership, and other critical changes, potentially creating instances of conflicting data.  
  • Since SMBs often do not publish detailed financial statements, financial transparency may also be limited.  

2. Resource constraints  

A lack of resources can be a significant barrier to effective KYB processes. Publicly available information is often limited or outdated, so thorough research often needs a more detailed, resource-intensive manual investigation.  

A set budget may prevent organizations from investing in advanced data and business verification solutions. However, failing to invest in KYB solutions can create inefficiencies that cost time and money and potentially create compliance or fraud risks. Financial crimes and compliance violations can cost companies millions in fines and reputational damages.  

3. Compliance challenges  

Regulatory compliance is a key element of the KYB process. However, staying current with changing regulations can be difficult, particularly when dealing with SMBs with varying degrees of documentation and transparency. While thorough due diligence is critical for properly vetting SMBs, companies must also adhere to regional and global data privacy standards.  

Markaaz tackles these challenges by aggregating, validating, and ensuring SMB data aligns with current regulations and data protection standards. This minimizes risk while maintaining a thorough KYB process. 

Small business data in KYB: Unlocking opportunities  

When implementing updates to address the challenges that come with vetting SMBs, companies that harness the right tools and strategies can also unlock some unique opportunities. Gaining access to accurate and timely SMB data can streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies, and help foster better business relationships.  

1. Enhanced due diligence  

By improving the accuracy and scope of SMB data, companies can significantly streamline their customer onboarding process. This can help reduce the risk of fraud and create a higher level of trust between the company and SMBs. Markaaz’s KYB data solutions provide real-time, accurate business verification, ensuring due diligence is both comprehensive and efficient.  

2. Improved digital experiences  

Faster and more precise verifications mean shorter waiting times and a better experience for potential business partners. With real-time interactions becoming the norm, having the ability to quickly verify and onboard SMBs can be a significant differentiator. This can allow companies to stay ahead of competitors while also meeting the needs of tech-savvy SMBs. Doing so can potentially position the enterprise as a preferred partner.  

3. Better customer service  

With access to a wealth of accurate information, companies can make data-driven decisions that result in personalized services that are tailored to the needs of each SMB. Leveraging technology and automation can also ensure a smooth and consistent customer journey.  

Markaaz supports a customer-centric approach by accelerating verification checks and approval decisions. With 300 million SMB records across 200 countries and data results returned in 2 seconds, companies can verify more SMBs faster. This can lead to an expanded customer base, increased loyalty, and more collaborative partnerships.  

4. Cost efficiency and return on investment (ROI)  

One of the often-overlooked benefits of a streamlined KYB process for SMBs is the long-term cost savings. Traditional due diligence processes can be time-consuming and expensive. Every faulty assessment or compliance issue can also have financial implications, ranging from fines and penalties to lost business opportunities.  

By leveraging accurate SMB data, companies can make informed decisions quickly, eliminating the need for repeated inquiries and corrections. This not only reduces operational costs but can significantly improve the ROI on KYB solutions.  

The verified SMB data provided by Markaaz can cut down on manual checks, reduce human error, and ensure a smooth onboarding process. This level of efficiency translates to tangible cost savings and an improved bottom line.  

5. More effective risk management  

Many of the potential risks associated with SMB customers and partnerships can be mitigated with real-time monitoring and high-quality data match rates. This proactive approach not only reduces potential financial losses but also enhances the enterprise’s reputation.  

Markaaz’s continuous monitoring capabilities enable enterprises to manage risks more efficiently, adding another layer of protection against potential threats.  

Navigating KYB challenges and opportunities  

From data inconsistencies to resource constraints and compliance hurdles, SMB data can present significant challenges to the KYB process. However, effectively dealing with these challenges can create a range of advantages such as enhanced due diligence, an expanded customer portfolio, and superior customer service.  

Markaaz’s mission is to solve SMB data challenges. We offer KYB data solutions that aggregate and validate SMB data across 65,000 global sources. We have created the most accurate business records available so you can validate more SMBs and ensure regulatory compliance adherence.  

Using Markaaz’s KYB data helps companies reduce risks and improve KYB processes to serve more SMBs effectively.  

Want to learn more about how Markaaz can enhance your KYB process? Connect with our team today.   

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