the simplest way to find trusted suppliers

by reducing the fraudulent businesses in your network, you improve your cash flow.

Markaaz keeps all of your details secure.
Using Markaaz does not affect your credit score.
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Markaaz helps you mitigate risk

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save time and money looking for new suppliers

finding and maintaining a trusted network of suppliers can be a full-time job in itself, Markaaz keeps your network verified so you can get back to business

join our 119 million strong and
pre-verified directory today

find suppliers, connect with new business partners and providers of services in the United States and beyond 

1. get verified

activate your business on Markaaz to increase visibility and grow sales amongst our 119-million strong small business network

2. search suppliers

find trusted suppliers and partners in 5 minutes or less and receive alerts of any change(s) in status

3. improve cash flow

leverage Markaaz’s platform to reduce fraudulent businesses in your network and improve your cash flow

real-time business updates

Be the first to know when a Business Credit Risk Score™ changes with real-time monitoring in partnership with Equifax

world-class partnerships

Markaaz works with leading companies both large and small to ensure you have all you need to succeed. From Equifax to Mastercard, we’re powering an experience that has your business at the center

invite suppliers, get rewarded

let your network know you mean business by inviting them to a verified environment, and receive 10% discount for every referral

One of the biggest challenges brought by COVID-19 is that we’re increasingly interacting online with new suppliers and vendors, and we don’t know if they are real, if they are going to deliver or not. Markaaz helps us keep our business safe and improve our cash flow by making sure we only do business with verified suppliers on Markaaz.

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find verified suppliers, monitor them and improve cash flow

join more than 119 million small businesses across the country that are already listed on Markaaz

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