Jim Whalen joins Markaaz to support expansion

Jim Whalen joins Markaaz as Chief Financial Officer in Residence

Markaaz welcomes Jim Whalen as Chief Financial Officer in Residence 

Jim Whalen joins Markaaz with significant international operations experience in both the Fintech space and high-growth companies. Welcoming Jim to the team underpins Markaaz’s commitment to building exceptional and experienced teams that can drive the company’s continued global growth strategy.  

“I joined Markaaz to be part of this exceptional mission to help small businesses be served better and faster. Many faces at Markaaz are familiar, and we’re all here to bring the best of our skills and experiences to build the extraordinary,” said Whalen.  

Markaaz has built a leading data Directory using proprietary technology that features business records on over 300 million global businesses, 98% of which are small businesses. This Directory underpins and informs its simple-to-use Enterprise Services for onboarding and monitoring, designed to reduce onboarding friction, boost monitoring success rates, and save enterprises both time and money.  

“The Markaaz Directory is one of its kind. It blends carefully selected well-known global databases into a single source of global business data excellence that keeps data fresh, of high quality, and up to date at all times, powered by our proprietary matching engine,” noted Whalen. ” We’ve done this before, and now we’re doing it again, bigger and better.”  

Supported by such an experienced global team, Markaaz is in the process of technological expansion, setting its sights on the payments and financing space for enterprises and small businesses, which they term ‘financing-as-a-service.’ 

This evolutionary Fintech will release its ‘financing-as-a-service’ products to market later in 2023 and is raising a growth round to support its technological and global expansion.  

“I’m thrilled to welcome Jim to Markaaz. We’ve increased our data coverage by 200% in the last four months, and we are further investing in our technological capabilities to serve our global clients. Jim has joined a strong executive team that’s shaping and executing against a steep growth trajectory,” said Hany Fam, Founder and CEO of Markaaz.  

For more information on Markaaz’s onboarding and monitoring services for enterprises, please visit our website or drop a message to our team to schedule a conversation.  

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