The Markaaz story

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Small business ownership is a unique and memorable journey that calls only the bravest, most curious and determined. In other words, entrepreneurs. Trailblazers. You. Markaaz was created to support the adventurous like you and to provide you with access to the business tools you need to succeed.

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“We know this can be a crazy journey – it sure is for all of us. We built Markaaz to help owners like you, and us, to optimize the day to day of entrepreneurship, and get back valuable time to focus on customers and product. We’re here to help you navigate your special journey.”

Hany Fam, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Markaaz

Why we created Markaaz

When we started our business, we were overwhelmed with all the business tools out there. What service is the best for accounting? Which payroll service do I use? We’ve tried everything – the good and the bad. In doing so, we realized we had accumulated valuable insights that could help other small businesses avoid some of the mistakes we made. We discovered that there is a need to bring all the essential resources a business needs in one place. Having all your tools scattered across the web isn’t efficient, especially when you check them multiple times a day. And that’s how we designed the all-in-one Dashboard with insights and notifications.

There was always a need for a trusted environment, but the pandemic really brought that to the forefront. Many of our friends and business partners complained about fraud, telling us things like, “I paid upfront, and the service was never delivered.” We realized we had to find a way to build a trusted and safe environment where we can all focus on getting back to doing good business. Our pre-verified Directory of over 100 million businesses has been pre-scanned, and all the bad actors have been removed. With our payment roadmap, we’re helping you optimize the way you pay securely and avoid fraud, and much more.

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A career with purpose

photo of woman holding sign in front of store reads: we are open

Our mission is simple: to help all small business owners succeed. If that’s something that resonates with you, we’d like to invite you to join the team working toward it every day. Begin a career full of passion, with great benefits and many growth opportunities.


Want to learn more? Check out our frequently asked questions to see if we’ve read your mind and answered exactly what you’re wondering.

Ready to start your journey?

It’s time to discover what you need to grow your business. Markaaz is here to guide you with a supportive community through every step of your special journey as a business owner.