Markaaz and Byzfunder Join Forces to Empower SMBs with Access to Fast and Secure Financing Solutions

Markaaz, a global provider of Know Your Business (KYB) services, is pleased to announce its partnership with Byzfunder, a leading provider of working capital to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With over 100 years of combined industry expertise, Byzfunder is known for its commitment to delivering fast, simple, and secure financing services tailored to unique SMB needs.   

Specializing in flexible finance operations, Byzfunder has a proven track record of supporting SMBs through their growth journey. Through this partnership, SMBs seeking working capital can benefit from Markaaz’s comprehensive KYB services, which offer quick and accurate verification of business identities. 

By streamlining the KYB process, Markaaz enables Byzfunder to make informed lending decisions efficiently, reducing the time-to-funding. Additionally, SMBs benefit from increased transparency and trust, as Markaaz’s solutions support compliance with regulatory requirements and lower the risk of fraudulent activities. 

This partnership represents a significant step forward in empowering SMBs with access to timely and reliable funding solutions. Byzfunder and Markaaz are committed to driving innovation in the lending industry and supporting the growth and success of SMBs worldwide. 

Eric Weiner, Chief Risk Officer of Byzfunder stated, “We are pleased to collaborate with Markaaz in our shared commitment to empower SMBs with efficient and secure financing solutions.” 

Hany Fam, Founder and CEO of Markaaz, added, “By combining Markaaz’s robust KYB services with Byzfunder’s expertise in providing fast and secure financing, we are committed to driving innovation and supporting the growth of SMBs worldwide.” 

For more information about Markaaz and its KYB solutions, visit To learn more about Byzfunder and its financing options for SMBs, visit


About Byzfunder:

Byzfunder is a leading non-bank financing company that has successfully provided small to medium-sized businesses with fast and convenient financing alternatives since 2019. Byzfunder combines technology and non-traditional credit algorithms to offer competitive terms and exceptional customer service to a market not well served by traditional banks. Learn more at


About Markaaz:  

Markaaz is setting a new standard for business data and solutions. Enabling banks, fintechs, payment networks and others to verify and onboard more businesses, accelerating their access to vital services. Learn more at

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