Markaaz Small Business FAQs

The Markaaz Dashboard empowers small business owners to take control of their growth trajectory and business data through a centralized, user-friendly platform. By offering a comprehensive suite of growth tools and unprecedented data insights, it enables entrepreneurs to track, grow, and optimize their businesses.

Some highlights of the Dashboard include:

  • Access to real-time financial data and cash flow insights
  • Aggregated public profile of your business to maintain data accuracy
  • Competitive financing options to help you expand your business
  • Business credit scores to help you make informed decisions
  • Document storing and sharing to keep everything organized
  • Discounts on essential business software to save you money
  • Monitor customer reviews on social media and Google

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Markaaz is the only place where small businesses can see the comprehensive data that enterprises use to evaluate them for services and take action to correct, share, and maintain this data so they can unlock the best resources possible to scale their business growth.

Combined with a suite of growth tools and consent-driven sharing features, the Markaaz Dashboard gives you one streamlined platform to unlock data insights and easily access better services.

Read our blog article about how your small business data can help you access better growth services.

It’s easy and quick to start using the Dashboard.

Claiming your business is the first step. Once you activate your Markaaz account, search our Directory to locate your business, confirm your business details, and submit your updated business profile for identity verification.

You’ll receive an email confirmation that your business has been approved and officially claimed on the Dashboard, and your Markaaz business profile will show a claimed badge.

Now, you can access the full breadth of the Dashboard’s features!

Once you claim your business on the Markaaz Dashboard and update your business information, we provide you with a Business Risk Class and Risk Score from Equifax.

These scores are measurements of whether your business is likely to repay its credit, loan, or debt and are one of the factors used by financial institutions to determine rates for loans and lines of credit.

You can fund your business growth and operations more easily with a good business credit score.

You can download the Markaaz Mobile App through either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can sign up for a free Markaaz account and take advantage of many great free features.

Additionally, for a limited time, you can use code GROW23 to get a one-month free trial of a Premium Markaaz Dashboard membership.

Learn more about member benefits here.

When you select annual payment, you save up to 20% off a Markaaz Premium membership.

Explore our membership tiers.

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