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California-raised founder Lauren Quinn aims to support local artists wherever she lives, emphasizing underrepresented communities.
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California-raised founder Lauren Quinn aims to support local artists wherever she lives, emphasizing underrepresented communities. 

Guided by this mission, Lauren founded Bromelia Swimwear— a small but rapidly-growing ethical swimwear company founded in 2015, with a storefront on Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA. 

What is your message to the world?  

For me, sustainability begins on a human level, so the seed of their brand is empowerment through fair, waged fashion. 

From the design stage through to pattern making, from sewing to putting on the final trims, the diverse community that works alongside me is valued for what they contribute.  

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What are some of your top challenges over the last months?   

1) Connecting to the right customers  

My top challenge is connecting with the right consumers. As e-commerce grows, directing people through the proper funnel is a top priority. Leading customers successfully through the online checkout experience can be a challenge. Therefore, digitally connecting with the right customers is a top priority and ultimate challenge.  

2) Scaling challenges 

As a sole proprietor, I rely on numerous point solutions like Mailchimp and QuickBooks to help manage my day-to-day so I can focus on what matters: scaling my business. When it comes to software, efficiency is everything. But, using a collection of disparate point solutions creates some inefficiency in my day-to-day operations, which limits my growth potential. 

How could  Markaaz help your business?  

I struggle with managing the plethora of point-to-point solutions that I subscribe to. Again, I subscribe to numerous software providers as a rapidly scaling small business. There are so many overlaps, and there’s no central dashboard from which I can manage everything. A solution that could minimize the gaps and overlap while centralizing all my applications would be a huge win.  

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