ODDLI is a sustainable fashion company born from the idea that clothing can contribute to the planet's health: Check out our small business this week
ODDLI Founders


ODDLI is a sustainable fashion company born from the idea that clothing can contribute to the planet’s health and simultaneously elicit joy, creativity, and play. ODDLI creates patchwork “ColorGrid” pieces made entirely from deadstock fabric, the 15% of the brand new material (14 million pounds every day) that is leftover scrap fabric from the fashion industry.  

What’s your message to the world? 

Deadstock (leftover fabric or textile) is typically thrown away or burned, and by using this material to create new items, we keep the brand new fabric from entering the waste stream. There’s magic in being part of a group of people who want to respect the ground we stand on and dance on it too.  

What have been some of your top challenges over the last months?  

  1. Manufacturing  

Manufacturing in the United States and paying our workers a living wage consequently gives us a higher price point for our items. We’re working against people’s perception of what a clothing item should be priced. 

  1. Sustainability vs. Growth  

There’s an inherent tension between sustainability and growth of a consumer product business (even though we use material that already exists there is a constant pressure to introduce new product and collections. We want to shift the culture to treasuring fewer number of pieces over a longer period.) 

  1. Understanding priorities with a limited team  

The two of us oversee everything and determine what the highest priority is. Having a platform within which we can find and do everything, alongside a digital concierge that responds to any questions along the way, would be amazing. 

How could  Markaaz help your business? 

We see tremendous potential in the Markaaz Directory to solidify our supplier base! We want to ensure that our suppliers are verified and satisfy our ethical standards. Markaaz will help us identify the correct suppliers extremely efficiently; we would otherwise be doing hours of research to find and vet our suppliers!

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