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Hany Fam

Hany Fam

Why should you join Markaaz?

At Markaaz we live passion. Our two-year old scale up has evolved and continued to go from strength to strength. The talented individuals who have been with us on this journey, have come together and have created a winning formula for Markaaz’s success, and what makes our DNA unique. It is our core values that keeps propelling us forward to make such a profound impact on the SMB community and ultimately the societies we live in and our economies.

Our core values are far from traditional. At Markaaz we will not blabber about work-life balance, or social life. Starting at the very top, we are all about our singular quest. A quest that there is something way bigger than us, and that we are humbled to serve and be part of such a purpose. Our values don’t revolve around egos, our values enable the team as a whole and enable us to move forward quickly and together. We all know that we are only as strong as the sum of all of us.

To use a sport analogy, we are rowers in a time trial.

Our core values emphasize ‘looking out for one another’. We are focused on EQ and empathy. We spend a lot of time understanding where each of us is coming from, all voices and good ideas are welcome, and equally important, what baggage we bring in (good and bad) and how we can help each other succeed, but also heal from past triggers that we no longer need.


Trust – in simple words, trust is the ability to fully let your guards down and be your true and authentic self, and the belief that the person in front of you has your best interests and the best interests of Markaaz at heart. Trust is a key factor for every individual in all relationships in life to be able to feel fully and wholly, to express purely and to deliver generously. Without trust in relationships, many would say, that we miss out on the essence of life.

Authenticity – authenticity goes hand in hand with that. During our lifetime we build up shields, essentially walls that protect us from whatever might harm us or how we have processed our life experiences. While these walls are invisible, they reach far, and go deep. At Markaaz, we actively work on breaking these walls down personally and with kindness and compassion, helping each other realize we don’t need them, so our relationships can be deeper and more open, allowing us to move forward quickly together. Knowing that on our best day we can light up an entire team, and on our worst days there are colleagues that keep us from falling further or help us get back up. Trust and authenticity fuel each other.

Loyalty – building on that. If you are doing audacious things, it is inevitable that there are good and bad times. Stuff gets tough before it becomes amazing. Nothing worth having comes easy. At Markaaz, we value loyalty very highly, as it makes the difference between a resilient team and one that shuts down at the first or second hurdle. Loyalty is the glue that binds us.

Determination – Along with loyalty comes determination. After all we’re talking about leaders driving a quest. Intrinsic motivation is one of the most valuable resources we as humans have (and you can’t buy it). Some of us are more curious, more willing to go the extra mile, more willing to take the risk. If you are one of these people, we want you! If you do not have that willingness to challenge the status quo or conquer what’s next as part of a team of like-minded individuals, then this is probably not for you.

Do good – lastly, we look out for good people. People who care about their impact on the world, our environment, society, the economy, the communities we live in and who are passionate about SMB’s. Our leadership are ‘Givers’, they have their hearts in the right place and are constantly challenging themselves and all of us to create a legacy. They will always look out for you throughout the journey, and for this to work mutually, you gotta feel the same way. Because this is truly a “one plus one equals three’ relationship.

At Markaaz, we live our passion. Do you?

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