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At Markaaz, our mission is to help small businesses succeed – that’s our number one goal in everything we do.

At Markaaz, our mission is to help small businesses succeed – that’s our number one goal in everything we do.

What that means for us is that every member of the Markaaz family is deeply embedded in the local small business community and is listening carefully and thoughtfully and looking at ways to respond quickly with practical, accessible, and inclusive solutions to the most critical issues and needs.  

In support of that mission, we’re starting a series that will spotlight companies from all over the country—introducing: the Markaaz Business of the Month! 

This month, we’re highlighting Knock Knock Hair Design by Phyllis, a fantastic small business in Arlington Heights, Illinois. It’s owned and operated by Phyllis Anderson and is entering its third year of being open!  

Phyllis started her journey at an independent salon, where she worked for many years. She then decided to open her salon, which she operated for ten years before joining a well-known national salon. In 2020, she left the national salon and pursued owning her own business again to have the freedom to be more flexible for her clients and not be limited by corporate rules.  

She loves caring for people – and not just their hair care needs!

A considerable part of any business is connecting with your customer, one of Phyllis’s favorite parts of her salon. 

“I love getting to know my clients,” Phyllis said. “They don’t just share what they want their hair to look like; they also share their personal experiences with me and occasionally look for some advice. I like being able to help them because they have also helped me along the way.”  

A significant driving factor for Phyllis is how much she loves what she does. Her philosophy is, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” and this is where she draws her motivation and work ethic from.  

However, running your own business is still a lot of work! Finding ways to bring on new clients, reconciling transaction statements, inventory planning, and connecting with suppliers are just a couple of the daily struggles small business owners like Phyllis have to deal with. But Markaaz is here to help!

We’re helping businesses like Phyllis’s have everything they need to run their business, all in one place, with our comprehensive Dashboard.  

Join Markaaz today and become a part of a community built to help you manage your business. 

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