Markaaz Launches Automated API that Validates Business Officers

Validate SMB officer identities with speed and precision during the onboarding process using Markaaz’s Person-to-Business (P2B) API

Markaaz has launched its Person-to-Business (P2B) API, which enables enterprises to detect and validate customer applications by matching an SMB officer’s name to the business. This launch complements and expands on its automated Business Verification API Suite that significantly improves onboarding success compared to competitor offerings.

The P2B API is part of Markaaz’s existing Business Verification API Suite, which finds and verifies any SMB worldwide in real-time and enables a more inclusive onboarding process.

“The P2B API adds a secondary layer of security to the Business Verification API Suite by confirming that the person applying for the enterprise service is a named business officer. Our P2B API significantly improves onboarding confidence and reduces onboarding time for enterprises worldwide. Our enterprise solutions aim to get more SMBs the services they need and enable enterprises to onboard these businesses in a more efficient, more inclusive, and more accurate way,” said Hany Fam, Founder & CEO at Markaaz.

Markaaz’s new P2B API offers exceptional accuracy using advanced algorithm capabilities, ensuring that identity matching is highly accurate and inclusive, and minimizes the risk of errors. It also boasts real-time validation abilities, allowing for near-instantaneous confirmation of individuals associated with a business and results you can rely on. The Markaaz P2B API uses the latest technologies and our unique, proprietary Markaaz Directory featuring over 300 million global SMBs to ensure that the identities of individuals are validated with the utmost precision and security.

“The P2B API makes the Markaaz Business Verification API Suite the most complete SMB verification tool on the market today. Automated, fast, and accurate small business verification APIs are essential to trim onboarding time, decrease false positives and false negatives and improve your SMB customer experience, and my team is excited to bring this ground-breaking solution to market,” said Brett Adams, Head of Product at Markaaz.

Adding the Markaaz P2B API to the Markaaz Business Verification API Suite now means the onboarding verification process is more accurate, faster, and completely automated, so enterprise onboarding teams do not have to spend hours manually checking and verifying SMB customer applications. This saves enterprises significant time and cost during the onboarding process. Reach out today to add P2B to your automated onboarding tech stack.

About Markaaz

Markaaz is a dual-sided data platform that powers the relationship between enterprises and small businesses. Markaaz’s unique Directory of over 300 million global business records enables enterprises to verify, onboard, and monitor SMBs faster and more accurately so they can approve more SMB clients for their services. Markaaz also provides small businesses with one place to monitor and update their business data, gain financial insights, and directly connect with enterprises to streamline service approvals. By building a seamless and inclusive connection between enterprises and SMBs, Markaaz unlocks opportunities for all small businesses, creating prosperity for individuals, families, and communities.

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