The SBA Small Business Guide: Resources explained 

The SBA has excellent guides for small businesses. We’ve gone through and done a deep dive on the Resource section for you

The SBA has many excellent guides for small businesses, and one of the most in-depth is the Small Business Guide.

However, with a thorough guide, it can feel overwhelming to read through, let alone retain all the information. We’ve gone through and done a deep dive on the Resource section so you can get back some valuable time. Check it out: 

Resource centers and advocates 

The SBA has specific resource centers and advocates for small businesses and their development – here they are broken down: 

Small Business Development Centers:

SBDCs provide problem-solving assistance to help small businesses access capital, develop and exchange new technologies, and improve business planning, strategy, operations, financial management, personnel administration, marketing, export assistance, sales, and other areas required for small business success. 


SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer business mentors. Experienced executives share real-world knowledge to fit your busy schedule. SCORE mentors are available for free as often as you need, in person, via email, or over video chat. 

Women’s business centers:

The SBA helps women entrepreneurs launch new businesses and compete in the marketplace. Each center tailors its services to help you navigate the challenges women often face when starting or growing a business.  

Veteran Business Outreach Centers:

The Veterans Business Outreach Center program offers resources to veterans interested in starting or growing a small business. Receive procurement guidance to better compete for government contracts. VBOCs also serve active duty service members, National Guard or Reserve members, veterans of any era, and military spouses. 

Regional advocates:

The SBA’s regional advocates are here to assist when you need a voice within the federal government as a small business owner. The advocates analyze the effects of proposed regulations and consider alternatives that minimize the economic burden on small businesses, governmental jurisdictions, and nonprofits. 


The SBA’s National Ombudsman works for small businesses to assist them with excessive federal regulatory issues. Entrepreneurs who have an issue with an existing federal regulation or policy can receive assistance from an ombudsman. 

Using all the resources available will only bring about your small business’s success, so be sure to make the most of the SBA! We’ll be breaking down more of this hefty guide in future blog posts, so be on the lookout. 

The bottom line 

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