The Tool We Wish We Had When We Got Started: The Markaaz Dashboard

image of laptop with Markaaz Dashboard

When we started Markaaz, we had been studying small businesses, across the world, for years. It was only when we went through the same challenges as other small business that we realized what they really need.  

 As businesses grow, there is a natural tendency to sign up to more and more business apps (most start off with an email and accounting package, and then add CRM, Payroll, and Marketing apps). If you are like most, before you know it, you end up with 20+ different browser tabs pinned to your favorites, that you check every day for updates – and none of which connect to each other.  

 The same goes for your important documents, you might start with just your certificate of incorporation, but before you know it, you add bylaws, your EIN confirmation letter, business owner insurance, and soon you need a whole filing system.  

At Markaaz, we thought there had to be a better way to stay on top of all this.  This back and forth between apps or looking for the right documents takes about 30% of your time.  

And that’s how the Markaaz Dashboard came about! We’ve built the only place where you can organize your business in a single place, see all your key insights, and have your business documents at your fingertips at all times. 

Made ‘by and for small business’, we created the Dashboard with the following key features 

  • A function “claim your business” and be in control of your data 
  • Through Markaaz, you can search for your business, go through a quick process to claim it, and then be in control of your business data. This means not just seeing your key business attributes and scores in one place, but also being able to push out updates. For example, you can share your address or key personnel contact information, and make sure you are always being seen in the best possible light. 
  • A unique Vault to store your key documents and have them at the ready 
  • This is a secure place to keep your key constitutional and corporate documents at your fingertips whenever you need them. Fun fact: on average, business owners are asked about their EIN 3-4 times per week! 
  • The ability to connect all your business apps and have your insights in one place 
  • In the Dashboard, you can connect all your key business apps into one single place and have a bird’s-eye-view over your business (cashflow, sales, customer engagement and reviews and more) to track progress, from anywhere you like. 

Markaaz also has an enterprise program and a growing portfolio of enterprise services we support. Very soon you will be able to apply for financing, cards and much more through the Markaaz Dashboard! 

We are excited to introduce you to the Dashboard. Be sure to sign up today! 


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