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Quickly find our small business onboarding and monitoring services for enterprises through our new, improved website pages

Markaaz has launched its brand-new enterprise website pages featuring quick and easy access to its small business onboarding and monitoring services suites. With the launch of these pages, Markaaz is signaling its growing maturity in the enterprise onboarding and monitoring space and its unique value proposition – enabling enterprises to serve small businesses better.  

“As we grow in the market and as a business, we want to truly showcase our unique small business database to our enterprise partners and provide quick and easy access to our onboarding and monitoring solutions,” said Hany Fam, Founder and CEO of Markaaz.  

Markaaz’s unique proprietary small business data Directory featuring firmographic, compliance, and business health data on over 300 million global businesses, 98% of which are small businesses, powers its set of easy-to-use APIs, no-code offerings and custom services. The custom services can include tailored onboarding journeys for direct private document exchange and additional small business growth and engagement resources utilizing its Markaaz Dashboard.  

Currently raising a Series A round, the company has ambitious plans for integrations and ‘financing-as-a-service’ offerings across both the enterprise and small business segments that the Fintech landscape has not seen the likes of before.   

“We are not just a data company, and our ground-breaking ‘financing-as-a-service’ products that are in development are going to break the fintech mold. We are at the forefront of a new era in doing global business,” said Fam.   

Leveraging deep experience across its advisors, enterprise partners, and in-house team, Markaaz is poised to forge new paths that will make the challenges of business funding, loans, payments, and credit a thing of the past.  

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